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Stone vs Porcelain Tiles: Which is better?

Natural Stone and Porcelain tiles are the most popular tiles used for indoors and outdoors. Natural stone tiles have proven to be durable and a timeless material. Porcelain is a man-made product that resembles characteristics of a natural stone. They maybe similar but there are some key differences between these tiles.


Natural stone tiles have a lot of variations, and they display an unrivalled finish. From bluestone  to travertine, there’s a wide range of options you can choose from. The texture and color of natural stone tiles varies. These tiles bring a timeless and grand look to your homes.

Porcelain tiles are man-made. Compared to natural stone tiles, these type of tiles are consistent . These are extremely durable, and are increasingly designed to imitate the natural stone. It helps achieve a natural stone look with the durability of porcelain.

Cost & Installation

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Natural stones are a limited resource compared to porcelain tiles, and is therefore, more expensive. Natural stone’s expense also extends into the installation phase of your project. We always recommend a professional to install your natural stone.

Porcelain tile installation can be a challenge due to the hard nature of the material. It takes a little bit of skill to install correctly. You can check our DIY tiling hacks and tips to have an idea of the installation process.

Moisture Resistance

One of the advantages of porcelain tiles is how it is manufactured. It solves the small drawbacks of a natural product. Porcelain tiles are more resistant to moisture than natural stones. They lack pores that makes these tiles perfect for wet areas. Perfect for a no fuss wet area.

Natural stone tiles are a porous material. These make the stone more sensitive to moisture infiltration and susceptible to stains. However, sealing natural stone tiles will overcome these issues. As a result, improving its durability and longevity.


Porcelain tiles require very little maintenance and its glazed surface means you don’t need to seal the tile. Natural stone tiles can require a lot of maintenance. But it typically depends on the type of stone you choose from. The finish of the stone impacts its maintenance and will determine the cleaning regime.

With the right application of the tiles, they can be effective, durable and can have a long-life span. Come and see any of our tile collections in person and experience them at our Zillmere Design Centre for your interior home renovations.  Call us today to book a complimentary design consultation.

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