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Cement & Concrete Look

Cement or concrete tiles are the epitome of stylish edge for those industrial designs.

Whether using our Re-Use range for a rugged edgy industrial, or it can be used in a Modern Architecturally designed home. We have our Playground series for a soft refined cement style, the options are endless.

The many options available in a cement style tile increases all the time. Here at Stone & Tile Studio we strive to have the latest in trend designs to suit all out clientele.

Come visit our Design Center in Stafford to explore this product further and many more options.

Looking for Cement Tile Options in Brisbane?

If you have ever been through the process of selecting flooring options for your home project or if you are a designer who is exhausted by the endless low-quality stone and tiling choices that are readily available throughout Brisbane, then you’ve come to the right place. Designs are only as good as the materials that are used to bring them to life, combined with fantastic workmanship. As such, anyone seeking out cement tiles in Brisbane and who want a little more variety and a higher-end product needs to drop into our showroom here at Stone & Tile Studio.

We are tile suppliers of superior quality tiles that are ideal for indoor and outdoor settings. We create special orders to fit each project that we undertake and can supply you with special size stone that is cut to size for your specific project. Regardless of whether you are renovating a new property, bringing your second or third home up to the high standards that you hold, or if you are a pool builder or a landscaper in need of exceptional materials to bring a sense of style, sophistication and quality to your work, then we have everything you need and more. Read More

Why Cement Tiles Are Still a Popular for Queensland Homes

Concrete tiles are used throughout Brisbane for a variety of purposes today. They are always going to be a popular choice because they are undeniably a hardwearing choice that can work in any room or in any environment. Regardless of whether the room will be a hub of activity with a lot of footfall every day, or if it is going to be a much quieter place, stains and scratches won’t be much of a problem, and maintenance won’t be too taxing either.

A patterned cement tile can change the dynamic of a space and there are many different ways that they can be applied to achieve different results. Cement is generally regarded as a versatile option since it has been used for flooring, walls and even in bathrooms. Once it has been properly installed and sealed, all it requires is a mop and bucket with soapy water to keep it looking its best.

With cement and concrete tiles, any designer or architect will find many different options available to them. There are countless different designs and colours readily accessible. Here at Stone & Tile Studio, we travel to Europe to procure the highest-quality tiles and stone slabs that can’t be found in Australia. We have a huge amount of stock in our warehouse to make it easy for our customers to access what they need when they need it.

Finally, those in Brisbane thinking about cement tiles as an option but who are motivated to reduce their carbon footprint and access green solutions can take comfort in the knowledge that the production of these tiles places a limited impact on the environment.

Your Premier Cement Tiler with Decades of Hands-on Experience

At Stone & Tile Studio, we have spent years researching the products and manufacturers that we buy from. We are committed to only having the finest of natural stone tiles and manufactured tiles in our showroom and warehouse. Furthermore, whatever we supply is fully guaranteed, which means that if you ever find a defect in a product or shipment, we will replace it immediately without question.

We have decades of hands-on experience working with DIY homeowners, professional designers, architects, and on projects of all kinds, from commercial to retail to trade. Large or small scale, if you are based in Brisbane and need concrete and cement tiles then there truly is only one place to turn to, and that’s here at Stone & Tile Studio. Book a free design consultation today. Read Less

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