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We Have Tiles for Sale to Help you Create Your Ideal Home 

You know the saying your home is your castle? Well at Stone and Tile Studio we’ll help you create one any monarch would envy. We have an impressive track record with more than 30 years of making tiles our focus. We ran a large tile installation contracting company for many years, but we realised there was a limited collection of quality products available. We pivoted to become tile importers, making connections across the globe to provide the best products for all budgets. Proving we filled a significant gap in the market, we’re now one of the largest importers in Australia. We understand that every customer is unique and will make you feel welcomed as we help you fulfil your vision. Whether you’re putting your own spin on your first home or you’re a builder looking for wholesale products, we can help. 

Our Tiles Help You Create Your Perfect Space 

Tiles can have a place everywhere in your home such as kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles as they are suitable for environments where water is used and they’re easier to clean. Did you know that according to NZ Maths, based on the average shower time, we spend a huge 5 months of our lives in the shower? The maths on kitchen use is even wilder. We spend 3 years cooking, equal to 17 days each year. Our tile solutions will help you make a choice you love as no one wants to spend months or years looking at tiles they’re not sure about! Our global suppliers provide us with the best quality products finished to our stringent standards so the tiles you choose are built to last for many showers or meals. 

We’re not going to tell you what’s best for your home, but we will say that when it’s time to decide on floors, tiles have many advantages over carpet. Carpet will require more vacuuming over time and it’s much harder to clean up a liquid spill. Tile is more of an initial investment, but it can handle a lot more foot traffic and dirt than carpet can so tiles will not have to be replaced as quickly. 

Give in to Trends or Embrace Your Own Style 

We’re constantly updating our range to provide our customers with unrivalled choices. We know some will want timeless concrete or stone effects that will compliment many tile design trends. Others will want to add a bold trend such as colourful terrazzo-style tile work. Whatever your style, we’ll help you take it from fantasising on Pinterest or Instagram to seeing it every day on your walls and/or floors for years. If you need some inspiration for your project, we have handy sections on our website showing what tile solutions are popular with our other customers.

When you want tile in Australia, we’re the logical choice. Browse our website or come on down to our showroom to meet our friendly team, see the products in natural light and get expert recommendations. We’re open Monday-Saturday and you can make an appointment on our website, by calling 07 3356 9766 or emailing

Need an Inspiration?

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