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The Best Tile Shop in Sunshine Coast

It is very easy to fall into the trap that so many first-time designers, decorators or DIY home renovators have in the past when they decided to choose tiles for their project. The misconception that many people hold is that tiles are simple, straightforward and there’s little to think about, so it’s just a matter of picking a pattern that you like. Those seeking tiles in the Sunshine Coast will quickly learn that there are big differences between the low-quality tiles sold in many outlets compared to those manufactured by the very best in the business.

At Stone & Tile Studio, we have helped our fellow Australians tap into medium to high-end tiles from all around the world. Over the past three decades, our team of specialists have gone to the ends of the earth to procure tiles that are a cut above the rest. We believe that you deserve to have exceptional quality tiles readily available and we are the professionals that ensure that this is a reality.

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What You Need to Know Before You Shop Tiles in Our Sunshine Coast Store

If you are planning a trip to a tile shop in the Sunshine Coast then you must know a few things about tiles before you step through those doors. What you want for your home is worth considering and you can make determinations in this regard by classifying the kind of foot traffic that is experienced. Certain tiles are made for wall application, whereas others are ideal for heavy foot traffic, in areas such as the kitchen or hallways.

Understanding the environment that the tiles you hope to install will be a part of is also of key importance. Why, well, if you invest in cheap tiles for your Sunshine Coast property, and put them in place in a room that sees a lot of damp, water or condensation, then there could be an issue. Tile porosity speaks to the susceptibility of the tile to water. If the ratio of air holes to solids is high and you’re planning a bathroom project, then you should really think about another option.

From our tile warehouse in Sunshine Coast customers have been able to browse and explore stone, porcelain and ceramic tiling options. If you have little knowledge of tiles then it is absolutely worth your time to drop into us and take a look at the diverse range of options. This is how many customers settle on a tiling option that they had never considered. You might fall in love with Bluestone or Granite, or discover beautiful woodlook tiles, or large format options, which could open up new possibilities for your project.

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We Supply Sunshine Coast With Commercial, Residential & Designer Tiles

We are well-trained and we understand the different products, which areas they are best suited to and you won’t have to worry about having to pay prices that are excessively marked up. We are committed to being the premier Brisbane stone suppliers and promise to constantly deliver a product that proves to have longevity and increase the financial worth of your assets.

At Stone & Tile Studio, we are the go-to team for designers, architects, retail, commercial and homeowners alike. Over the years we have proven our knowledge and expertise, as well as our ability to source the finest stone and tile choices from all around the world.

So, if you are exploring tile stores in Sunshine Coast, then you’ve found a supplier that will enable you to explore a world of superior quality and realistic prices. A complimentary design consultation is yours to avail, so book your appointment today.

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