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Tile Supplier in Gold Coast

We pride ourselves on our prompt, polite and professional customer service. Any project large or small, it’s a true collaboration at Stone & Tile Studio.

Our dedicated design and sales consultants will offer you assistance, guidance and reassurance bringing to life your vision. We help create the scheme you have always dreamed of and make it a reality, culminating in solutions you will adore. We have expert technical knowledge of all our products, as well as a passion for home-specific design development. We can offer assistance on new builds, renovations, extensions and room facelifts.

Our ranges cater to a wide range of styles including contemporary, eclectic, minimalistic, classical and understated, industrial, transitional and heritage federation and everything in-between; there is always a suitable product. Stone & Tile Studio house some of the finest products and we brand ourselves as being ambassadors of quality.

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The Preeminent Tile Suppliers in the Gold Coast

When choosing tiles in Gold Coast for your property you must find tile suppliers from all walks of life continually flock to. There are plenty of cheap outlets that will lure you in with their promises of rock bottom prices for high-end tiles, but it’s always worthwhile to look closer.

If you are in the market to invest in your home, to create a look and aesthetic that will stand you in good stead for some years to come, then finding a supplier that can deliver the very best, procured choices from all around the world should be your priority.

At Stone & Tile Studio, we, the tile supplier in Gold Coast, are the go-to choice for countless designers, architects, homeowners, retail project managers and tradespersons because they all understand that quality is the difference that we deliver. We regularly travel to Europe to source tiles directly from the top quarries and manufacturers in the world.

What’s more, we maintain a large amount of stock in our warehouse, so that you are afforded the highest possible chance of finding the colours, styles and tiles that you have in mind for your property. We believe in making the best available at prices that make sense, delivering on time and increasing the financial and lifestyle worth of our client’s most valuable assets.

Our Projects

Our Warehouse Has a Fully Stocked Supply of Tiles, Ready to Service Gold Coast

Anyone that explores the possibility of changing the flooring in their home will inevitably consider tiles as an option. Uninformed people often scare off those who want to dig a little deeper, on the basis that floor tiles are supposedly more expensive compared to other options. However, the truth is that here at Stone & Tile Studio, even though we are the preeminent ceramic tile suppliers serving the Gold Coast, we have medium to high-end products accessible at realistic prices.

Those who believe that tiles are susceptible to breaking with ease are encouraged to take another look. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are incredibly durable and are a superior option for those who see a lot of foot traffic in their home. They are compacted and hardened, and are, therefore, both beautiful and resilient choice in any home.

If you are looking for a Gold Coast tactile tile supplier then you’ve definitely come to the right place. We have a huge variety of tiles in Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast ready for you to check out at our showroom. We strive to afford our customers the most choice. So, whether you have something specific in mind or want to explore possibilities you will find that there are a lot of different tile choices out there, and not just a handful, as some might like you to believe.

Did you ever strike tiles off your list of options based on perceiving them to be uncomfortable? Think again, because tiles are really comfortable to walk on and given that there are different options in terms of styles and designs, you gain the exact look and feel that you want.

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Special Orders Fit To Supply Any Project

At Stone & Tile Studio, we create special orders that are fit for each project that we engage with. We customise our approach to what you want, starting the process by getting to know your unique desires and hopes for the finished project and then working with you to achieve the best possible result.

So, if you are living on the Gold Coast and are wondering if there are any tile suppliers near me that might be worth consulting about your upcoming home project, then you’ve found the ultimate choice. Why not book a complimentary design consultation today?