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Marble is the epitome of style and luxury living. Whilst being durable, it will not take away from the beauty that can be incorporated into any home, to add that touch off Lux living.

Marble comes in many stunning natural designs and colours, from striking Jade Greens, to a delicate light Alabaster. Marble can be perfect for any style from Modern Classic, all the way to a Bold Contemporary look, marble can be versatile and timeless in any home and design style.

Proud to be the Leading Marble Supplier in Brisbane & Gold Coast

Here at Stone & Tile Studio, we stock a variety of different types of high-quality marble. Whether it’s for the kitchen, the bathroom, or somewhere else, marble can bring your room to life. We know how hard it can be finding high-quality marble slabs in Brisbane – we have 35 years’ worth of experience in the industry. But, where there’s a problem, there’s a solution. We import all of our stone straight from quarries and manufacturers in Europe to ensure the best quality for your home.

Why You Should Choose Marble Tiles For Your Queensland Home

You see marble all over the luxurious houses on TV, but marble doesn’t have to be expensive. You can use it in your own home too! It has many more benefits than just looking amazing, including:

  • It comes in a range of different styles – No marble slab is the same: they all have different colours and patterns to them. The swirling veins are what give it a contemporary look and make your room like no other.
  • It’s durable – Because it’s a natural stone, it’s more durable than others. This means no scratches or cracking on your stone slabs, giving it a longer life span. So, no more worrying about knives or even the cat scratching it up.
  • It’s softer than granite – While it’s still durable, it’s softer than other stones you might find in house renovations such as granite. This means that there are more chances to adapt designs and edges to create a more diverse and attractive finish.
  • It’s heat resistant – Many chefs use marblefor their stone benchtops in their kitchens for this very reason. This also means that it won’t get hot if you use it to spice up your garden.
  • It will stand the test of time – Marble has been used in building for centuries because of its long lifespan. If it’s high quality and expertly installed it can last over 50 years!
  • It requires less maintenance – a daily clean with household cleaning products like dish soap will keep your marble looking good as new so you don’t need to give it any special treatment.
  • It’s allergy reducing – It doesn’t collect dust or pollen, so if you suffer from allergies it’s a perfect fit for you. When dust starts to collect, you can see it and sweep it up easily before any reactions occur.

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Explore the Elegance of Marble Tiles for Your Home in Brisbane and Gold Coast

If you want to use marble tiles in your Gold Coast home but don’t know how, or are debating whether to or not, we have tons of inspiration on our website and social media pages. Or you can visit our showroom in Stafford to get a real feel of the stone itself, and other types of natural stone too. We’ll give you a free, no obligation design consultation with our experts who can tell you if marble is the stone you’re looking for or if another stone might work better.

So, get in touch with the leading today using our contact form or call 07 3356 9766 for a chat.

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