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Porcelain Benchtops

Porcelain tiles are gaining in popularity throughout Australia, and for good reason. Here at Stone and Tile Studio (leading tile shop in Brisbane), you can get your porcelain benchtop and porcelain floor tiles from us and be assured that they will be of the highest quality.

We have over 35 years of experience in the stone and tile industry, and we have the knowledge, integrity, quality and highest standards of service.

What is Porcelain, and Why Choose it For Your Home?

Porcelain is a type of ceramic, and it is made by heating materials to very high temperatures. Both clay and coloured pigments are joined to create stunning effects, and they can be used in different areas around the home. Different effects can also be achieved with porcelain floor tiles, such as wood, concrete or natural stone.

Whatever type of look that you are trying to achieve, be it natural, industrial or something else, you can often achieve it with porcelain, all without the hassle of maintenance.

Porcelain kitchen benchtop tiles are ideal for busy spaces where you prepare food, thanks to their high resistance. Unlike more delicate tiles, it does not scratch easily, and it is resistant to liquids and acidic foods. That said, it is always a good idea to prepare your food on chopping boards to protect the surface beneath.

Like our Brisbane stone benchtops, Porcelain is also resistant to heat, so it makes a great choice for your benchtop around your cooker. Plus, it is water-resistant, so you can use this material the whole way around your kitchen without worrying that it will become damaged over time. If you have been after wooden benchtops for your kitchen but do not want the maintenance, then a porcelain wood effect tile could be the ideal option for you.

If you are looking for an oversized porcelain tile, we can do that for you here at Stone and Tile Studio. We can often cut oversized porcelain tiles to size to meet the requirements of your bespoke projects. So, whether you want to create an impressive island in your kitchen or an outdoor alfresco cooking area, porcelain could be a great choice for you. Porcelain is also UV-resistant, so you can go ahead and choose it for your BBQ area and know that it will still look good in years to come. We supply tiles for Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and the rest of Australia. Read More

The Porcelain Benchtop Makes Maintenance A Breeze

Porcelain is fast becoming the top material for use in the kitchen. It has so many advantages over traditional materials like wood. Caring for the features of your kitchen can be time-consuming when they require special attention. Wood needs to be consistently maintained to keep it safe, functional and looking great.

However, opting for a porcelain benchtop makes the daily cleaning routine that much easier. All it needs is a wipe-down with a cleaning solution, and it’ll look as good as new.

And low-effort maintenance is only one of the benefits of choosing porcelain kitchen benchtops or flooring.

Benefits of Choosing a Porcelain Benchtop In Australia

Porcelain is fired in high temperatures, making it especially durable for use in the home. Unlike surfaces made from acrylic or wood, it can resist high temperatures. No more scorch marks or fear that hot pans will ruin the surface.

Additionally, it resists the usual damage – such as scratches, chips, cracks and general wear and tear. Busy kitchens can lead to accidental damage, but porcelain is much more forgiving than other materials used in the kitchen.

In fact, porcelain is so good at resisting damage that most knives (except ceramic) can be used on the countertop without any issues.

When you’re looking for a porcelain benchtop in Australia, you might be pleasantly surprised at the variety of designs available. Whatever colour, texture, or pattern you envision as part of your kitchen, you can find it in porcelain. And, as the best tile store in Brisbane, we have a fantastic selection of porcelain tiles available. You may prefer the look of traditional-sized tiles, or perhaps want to build a unique look using an oversized porcelain tile, the choice is yours. Whatever you’re design, Stone & Tile Studio has the products to bring it to life.

Get the Best Quality With Stone & Tile Studio

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Stone & Tile focuses on making top-quality materials for home design and renovation available in Australia. We source our products from across the world and tie our prices to market value. This means that you get the finest and most luxurious of materials for a very reasonable price.

Our clients are incredibly important to us, so we ensure we deliver a fantastic experience every time. Our work has been installed in many commercial buildings and apartments. To see examples, or find inspiration, please our Architectural and Commercial page.

Brisbane’s Leading Porcelain Floor & Kitchen Benchtop Tiles

To find out more about porcelain and whether it is appropriate for your intended use, head to a Stone & Tile Studio near you today. We pride ourselves on always giving honest advice and guidance, and you can be sure that you have made the right decision.

We offer you high-quality porcelain benchtop, including porcelain kitchen benchtops and porcelain stone benchtops at great value prices. Our tiles are priced to the market, and they are always fair.

You can view our porcelain products online, but to get a real sense of their quality and experience the true joy of a luxurious tile and stone showroom, come and visit us in person. We look forward to seeing you soon.

We offer quite a variety when it comes to specific tiles or stones. These include sandstone tiles and stone walls in Brisbane just to name a few. We are happy to answer queries you may have about our porcelain kitchen benchtops or any other product you may be considering like our porcelain floor tiles, white subway tiles, etc. To ask us a question, please submit the enquiry form and someone will get back to you as quickly as possible. Read Less


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