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Granite is a striking stone, being one of the hardest natural stones it is perfect for all occasions. Granite is available in a multitude of colours and pattern styles.

Granites are predominantly known in the grey colour tonnes. However, Granite can be found in some remarkable colours- a light alabaster with stunning marigold and slate-coloured veins running through. Granite can also come in a dove grey colour with a darker flint coloured vein. The possibilities are immense.

Looking to Install a Granite Benchtop in your Brisbane Home?

You’ve found the best place to be! Stone & Tile Studio is proud to be the leading tile shop in Brisbane and are here to help you find the best quality granite slabs to modernise your home. With 35 years’ experience in the industry, we’ve worked with cheap stones in the past, and seen the damage they can do. That’s why we import ours straight from European quarries and manufacturers where the best furniture stones are found.

Why Granite Tile is a Great Choice for your Home

Granite can really bring your home to life and brings with it many great qualities. For example:

  • It’s durable – It’s known as one of the most durable stone-based countertops. It won’t scratch or chip easily and, if it does, it’s extremely easy to fix.
  • It’s strong – it can hold a hefty weight, so there’s no need to worry about having granite benchtops. It will take anything Australian weather might throw at it and stay strong throughout.
  • It looks gorgeous – There are a range of different types of granite tile to choose from and all of them are different. While they’re mostly known as a greyish colour, granite can have all sorts of gorgeous patterns running through it.
  • You can finish it however you like – There are so many ways you can finish granite: polished, flamed, honed, and more. Each finish gives it a completely different look and work better for different aspects of the house.
  • It’s bacteria resistant – Granite is used in countertops because it’s not porous. This means that things like bacteria and dirt will not soak into it. The smooth surface also allows for easy cleaning afterwards, so it’s perfect as a family-friendly home accessory.
  • It’s long-lasting – Stone is known to be a long-lasting material and can have a lifespan of over 30 years. This can also increase the value of your house as buyers like to know that there won’t be any renovations needed when they move in.

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Where Can you Find High-Quality Granite Slabs in Brisbane?

While the most popular use of stone in the home is as kitchen and bathroom tiles, you can use granite tiles in any room. You can use them as a feature wall to add a bit of wow factor to your room. Whether it’s to complement the colours already in your room or to make it stand out, it’s bound to impress your guests. Or, you could use it outdoors. It’s great as a pool surround, as a bench top or even just as tiles for your patio.

If you have a few ideas, but want to see how they might work, you can also visit our showroom in Brisbane. You can have a look around at all the different natural stones and tiles we offer and see which ones you prefer. You can even book a design consultation in which our experts will help you with a free, no-obligation design and quote ready for you to bring your dream room to life.

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