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Decorative Mosaic

If you’re looking for a feature design element that delivers the high-impact wow factor, why not consider incorporating mosaic bathroom tiles or mosaic floor tiles into your space? Not only do they look fabulous, but they are incredibly practical too – especially in rooms with high water use such as the bathroom and kitchen.

Mosaic Tiles Give Endless Possibilities

You can choose from a variety of designs or get creative and combine the tiles in a whole new, and entirely unique, way. Some tiles are opaque, perfect for creating a patterned focal point, feature wall, or kitchen splashback. Others, such as the glass tiles available through our mosaic store, are transparent. They can be clear or coloured to suit your design and open up a world of possibilities for creating lighting effects and establishing mood.

Mosaic Tiles from Stone and Tile Studio

Whether you are looking for mosaic bathroom tiles to add style and interest to your bathroom or you want to decorate the exterior of your home, we are sure you will find a design you love at Stone and Tile Studio.

Our Bisazza range includes the exclusive Swarovski Crystal designs and gold leaf blends, which add that beautiful luxury to any space. Along with this, they can also bounce the light around your home, making it appear more spacious.

Mosaic bathroom tiles are designed to last, which is just one of their benefits. They also do not require lots of maintenance to keep them looking beautiful, so you can look forward to hassle-free style year on year.

Mosaic floor tiles can work as a statement piece or look fantastic alongside other choices of tile and stone. As they do not dent easily, mosaic floor tiles are perfect for those areas in the home that get a lot of use.

Benefits of Choosing Mosaic Tiles

Aside from the eye-catching beauty of mosaic tiles, there are plenty of other benefits to consider when you’re looking for your perfect style.

Once installed, mosaic tiles are easy to clean and are resistant to the growth of mould and mildew. That makes them ideal for steamy bathrooms and kitchens. A quick wipe with a basic cleaning solution will have them looking as good as new in no time at all. You can also use pool-safe mosaic floor tiles to add a touch of glamour to your pool area.

Not all rooms are the standard box shape. Some have quirky – and difficult to decorate – areas of non-standard size. It can be hard to find materials of the right shape and size, resulting in time spent measuring and resizing as well as excess waste. Rather than go through all that hassle, consider using mosaic bathroom tiles. They’re small and can be built up to turn that problem area into an eye-catching feature.

Using the mosaic method is an excellent way to upgrade your space and show off your creativity at the same time. You can make it as extravagant or subtle as you like. Read More

Working with Stone & Tile to Bring Your Design to Life

Stone & Tile Studio was created by our managing director after 30 years in the industry. The mission is to bring superior quality materials from the finest quarries, manufacturers and producers in Europe – where all the best materials come from.

All materials available through our store – including our mosaic store – are of the highest quality available in the global market today. We’ve worked hard to build a network of professional suppliers to ensure our customers have access to high-quality, glamour and luxury that comes with using only the best.

Whether you’re a builder, architect, designer or home-owner, the materials you’ll find in the Stone & Tile Studio are perfect for your next project.

Create an Elegant Design with Mosaics

If you would like some expert advice on the best materials for your design, you can speak with one of our amazing consultants. To book an appointment, please use our consultation booking form or give us a call.

At Stone and Tile Studio (leading tile shop in Brisbane), we want to help you create your dream space. Our consultants are on hand in our stores and ready to support and guide you in your decision making, so you can create an elegant space and a beautiful aesthetic. We also ensure that your choice of tiles is appropriate for their designated space.

Before you make any decisions, seeing the materials up close can really help you get a better idea of your favourites. You can visit our design studio in Zillmere (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 9am-2pm). Some of the products we stock are truly remarkable, and if you can visit it’s highly recommended.

With over 35 years in the tile and stone industry, you can rest assured that we know what quality mosaics are. We only ever choose quality suppliers from Europe, and we regularly travel there. They, in turn, travel to us so that they can see the local conditions and meet our resellers. This all contributes to a fantastic range of high-quality stone and tiles for you, our customers. We supply tiles for Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and the rest of Australia.

You can have all this with realistic pricing. Unlike other companies, we do not mark our prices up high for big discounts but bring you real prices every day.

We have many items in stock thanks to our large warehouse, so if you need a product quickly, this should not be a problem. What’s more, if there is a range you love that is not in stock, we can order it for you, and it does not take long to arrive. We have shipments arriving each month from Europe.

Book an appointment with a consultant today at one of our Brisbane showrooms, and we can help you add that touch of luxury to your property.

We offer quite a variety when it comes to specific tiles or stones. One of our popular offerings are the bluestone stone pavers in Brisbane. Read Less

Need an Inspiration?

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