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Split Stone Cladding

Split Stone Cladding offers an instant, visually powerful feature for external or internal facades in residential or commercial applications, pool tile surrounds and water features, fireplace surrounds, chimneys or external walls.

Stone wall cladding comprises tiles that are cut from natural stone and fixed securely to the wall of a residential or commercial property. You can use interior or exterior stone cladding to give a wall a greater aesthetic appeal and to provide a number of other benefits.

These split stone cladding tiles add an extra layer to a wall and so, when used externally, protect against harsh weather conditions and help to strengthen a building’s integrity. They also provide an insulation layer so buildings are warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Australian Supplier of Stone Cladding Tiles

Exterior stone cladding can be a perfect way to transform the outside of a building. If what you’ve got there now is unattractive or you simply want a change, a layer of beautiful stone wall cladding can do the trick. Buildings are primarily practical, and what the builders are really interested in is solidity. That is a vital consideration, of course, but functional doesn’t often mean inspired, and who wants to live in a “unit” that is only recognisably ours because of the car parked outside and perhaps a name on the gatepost? Whether you are located in Brisbane, Gold Coast, or Sunshine Coast, we have a range of options to choose from, depending on the effect you wish to create. A rustic look is what often springs to mind, but that in itself has the potential for very different effects, depending on what kind (or kinds) of stone you use.

Stone cladding AU-style can evoke the style of a country far away from this fair land, so if you want your property to look unique in your area, that is certainly possible. In addition to the stylistic advantages, stone cladding tiles add a layer of insulation, which can be a boon whether you’re trying to combat the heat or the cold. It is fire-resistant, too, providing an extra measure of protection and reassurance in these days of increasingly likely bushfires. Stone will stay looking good as the years go by. By its very nature it is resistant to fading, for instance, and while it may need cleaning now and then, stone cladding on the Sunshine Coast has an inbuilt resistance to the ravages of time. That, along with external cladding, is going to look great for a long time to come. Ever seen a castle by a Scottish loch or a medieval fortification anywhere in the world that looked shabby? Stone just doesn’t suffer from that kind of thing. Even stone ruins look great, and your place is no ruin.

Why Use Stone Cladding for Exterior Wall?

Now you know what external cladding is, you may be considering it over your previous designs. So, here’s why you should use it over other styles:

  • Each stone is different – Because of this, it gives a unique look to your house or feature that can’t be replicated. When used with outdoor tiles, cladding gives it a more natural look over other designs which can look artificial.
  • It’s good thermal insulation – If you feel the cold easily, you need external cladding in Brisbane. Stone cladding helps to maintain the interior temperature so you can stay warm in the winter months.
  • It’s fire resistant – Bush fires are all too regular, and stone walls can help protect you and your house. While you should still be wary and stay safe, stone cladding is a great advantage during the season. It also works great in fireplaces for the same reason while creating a great focal point.
  • It’s durable – It can last a lifetime when installed correctly and withstand anything nature will throw at it.
  • You can customise your design – Don’t worry if you can’t decide between stones for your cladding; you can use more than one type! This gives it a distinctive, one-of-a-kind look that will wow your guests.
  • They’re UV resistant – Natural stones have great resistance against UV rays, having been mined naturally, so there’s no need to worry about colours fading. The colours will remain intact for years to come.

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Improve Your Property with Split Stone Cladding Australia

Exterior wall stone cladding can improve the appearance of any property, whether of traditional or contemporary design. It can cover up plain and uninteresting walls, making them much more visually appealing and can be used to update any property without the need for major structural alterations.

Use stone cladding internally to create a feature wall and to provide a natural transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. Be adventurous and imaginative when fitting internal or external stone cladding and you’ll be rewarded with a property that looks great, creates interest and will have an enhanced value.

Every property is unique so you need to carefully evaluate yours before deciding on the type of cladding that’s best for it. One big advantage of stone cladding is that it is very versatile and so is suitable for all styles of buildings, often adding a rustic appearance.

Stone cladding is extremely durable and so, once fitted, it will likely last for your lifetime so you need to be sure you make the right choice. It can, however, be cut to virtually any size and shape, and its natural appearance means every stone is as unique as your property. We supply an extensive range of stone types so are bound to have one that will exactly suit your needs and your property.

Helping You Make a Wise Investment

The versatility and variety of stone cladding can be a handicap when trying to decide what you need. It can, in short, cause confusion and indecision that may even deter you from making a choice, which will mean you miss out on all the benefits.

At Stone & Tile Studio, we have wide knowledge and experience of all types of stone cladding and so can help you make the right choice. We can make sure that you have the stone cladding that will perfectly complement your property’s interior or exterior, adding a certain timeless elegance that’s difficult to replicate with any other product.

As split stone wall cladding is much thinner and lighter than actual building stone, it is much cheaper to buy and easier to install. But it does need to be installed correctly to give the best effects and full benefits so you need to use a qualified and professional installer and get it from the best stone supplier that will use only top-quality materials.

Stone cladding is a great investment that will enhance your property in many ways and for many years with little or no maintenance. Get in touch and we’ll help you choose the best stone for you and ensure it provides everything you expect of it. Read Less

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