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Onyx Slabs

Onyx stone slabs in Brisbane are highly sought after for commercial applications, renowned for their unique translucence, striking color variations, and natural beauty. Ideal for creating statement pieces in hotels, restaurants, and corporate buildings, onyx slabs offer an unmatched level of sophistication and luxury. Their distinctive patterns and depth of color can transform any commercial space into a visually stunning environment.

Additionally, onyx’s versatility allows for its use in a variety of applications, including bar tops, reception desks, feature walls, and lighting fixtures, making it a preferred choice for architects and interior designers aiming to deliver exceptional and memorable commercial spaces.

Why Choose Onyx for Your Next Project?

An increasingly popular design choice, more and more homeowners, project managers and builders are choosing onyx, so there has never been a better time to jump on the trend. A semi-precious stone, the translucent slab is comprised of silica and quartz to really give your renovation the edge.

It’s long-lasting

With proper care and maintenance, onyx is a natural stone that can last for generations.

It has translucent properties

The design possibilities with onyx are endless because of the stone’s translucent properties. Light can penetrate through to create a unique effect and illuminate each slab. Just imagine the impact that will have on your property.

It is light in weight

Gone are the days of transporting and manoeuvring heavy materials during your project. Onyx is light in weight making transportation and installation easy. Being less dense, it’s a great material for upright installations.

Its appearance is stunning

Onyx sets itself apart from other stones because of its unique appearance. Available in a variety of hues, it’s easy to incorporate onyx slabs into any colour scheme. It offers veins similar to marble and spirals similar to granite making it a versatile and diverse material to work with. Read More

Give Your Property the Wow Factor with Onyx Slabs

Onyx stone slabs can have a huge impact on your home’s design scheme and set it apart from other properties. If you are looking for that wow factor to add to your home, onyx slabs are the perfect choice. Their beauty and transparency don’t go unnoticed and will certainly become a focal point whether they are incorporated into the interior or exterior. From kitchen worktops to feature walls, and table tops to flooring, onyx can be utilised in so many ways to elevate your property.

For high-quality slabs, look no further than our range here at Stone & Tile Studio. Supplying up-to-date trending products, we only source from the world’s best quarries and finish to a top standard. Whether you are renovating a kitchen, fitness studio, bathroom, spa or other, incorporating a slab of onyx from our collection is sure to take your space to the next level.

Find Your Favourite Onyx Slab for Sale Here at Stone & Tile Studio

When it comes to stone slabs, you only need one supplier and that is Stone & Tile Studio. We offer a comprehensive range of products to ensure that you ace your next project with ease. Our affordable and diverse collection has you covered, no matter the space that you are working on.

With over 30 years in the industry, our products are high in quality and our service is honest and reliable. We don’t expect you to be an expert in every material which is why our friendly team is on hand to assist and ensure that the slabs you choose are right for your renovation.

So what are you waiting for? Browse our collections today or get in touch to get started. Read Less

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