13 DIY Tiling Hacks & Tips

13 DIY Tiling Hacks & Tips

Renovating a house can incur some big costs.  If money is a factor and you find yourself (or a family member) talented at DIY projects, here are some helpful tiling hacks and tips to help you get that project done. You can use these tips for your home improvement projects.


  • TIP # 1 Measure the space you’re tiling accurately. This gives you an idea of how much tiles you need to purchase.

DIY Tiling Hacks & Tips - Order more tiles

  • TIP #2 Order 10 percent more than what you actually need. This is to account for any mistakes that may happen when installing. It is always advisable to keep some extras for down the track if repairs are ever needed.
  • TIP #3 Always waterproof showers and wet areas before you install tiles. Having a fully tiled shower does not prevent water from penetrating into concealed spaces. Waterproofing will need to be done by professionals to meet building codes.
  • TIP #4 Remember preparation is 75% of the job. Get your preparations right including measurements and the rest of the job should run smoothly

Laying Tiles

Tile Hacks - Dry Laying Tiles
Photo source: https://www.lindner-group.com/


    • Tip #5 Dry lay all the tiles before installing them. This helps you see how the tiles fit before making them permanent.
    • Tip #6 Start in the middle and work in small areas. Working from the midpoint allows you to see how the tiles cover the surface and prevents small cuts at the end.
Tiling Hacks - Use a tile leveling system
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  • Tip #7 Use a tile leveling system to keep everything flat & even. These are available in various sizes.
  • Tip #8 Apply all solid tiles before cutting the odd pieces. Get majority of the job out of the way to efficiently save some time and resource.
Mark cut with Grease Pencil
Photo source: qep.com


  • Tip #9 Mark the cuts with a grease pencil. These type of pencil lets you rub out any mistakes.
  • Tip #10 Have a helper cut the tiles for you. Having someone to share the labour gets the job done quicker.
  • Tip #11 Use a diamond-tipped bit to drills holes in the tile. These are stronger and accurate than other types of drill bits.

Grout & Finishing

  • Tip #12 Let the tile dry for 24 hours before grouting. These will make sure that the adhesive you used will dry. A wet adhesive will move your tiles out of place!
  • Tip #13 Always seal natural stone before grouting. This is to ensure your stone looks great for years to come.

With these tiling hacks, you will be able to tile parts of your home with convenience. Come and see any of our tile collections in person and experience them at our Zillmere Design Centre for your DIY tiling projects.  Call us today to book a complimentary design consultation.

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