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Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass mosaic tiles look incredible in the kitchen and bathroom! But that’s not all. They can brighten up any room by creating an eye-catching feature. Additionally, when light shines on these tiny pieces of glass, you can create mesmerising patterns. Glass mosaic tiles can create a relaxing environment, wherever you choose to display them.

These floor or wall tiles are perfect for decorating an area of your room that can be awkward to decorate with other materials (perhaps due to size or shape). They are available in a variety of shapes, and a multitude of colours. So whether you want to focus on subtle, natural colours or go for a bright, multi-coloured design, your space will be invigorated by adding some glass tiles that make a statement.

Projects with Glass Mosaic Tiles

Exquisite glass mosaic accents in bathrooms and the indoor swimming pool.

Glass Mosaic Tile Features

As beautiful as they are, it can take some hard work to get your glass tiles for mosaics just right. However, once they’ve been correctly fitted they need very little maintenance. Simply wipe them with a basic cleaning solution – such as a vinegar base – to leave them sparkling clean. Glass tiles for mosaics are exceptionally durable. The smooth glass won’t crack easily and is a perfect water repellent, making it great for avoiding mould problems!

If you’ve been in a few bathrooms over the years, quite often they follow a standard pattern. Choosing glass mosaic tiles when designing, building, or renovating introduces a powerful focal point for visitors and potential buyers alike. Not only are mosaic tiles themselves a way to inject a unique feature into your property, but the only limit for design is your imagination. You can create any pattern, shape, and colours you like. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind design piece in your home, this is the perfect material.

Stone & Tile Supply the Best Glass Mosaic Tiles In Australia

Stone & Tile Studio is a tiles wholesalers in Brisbane which was formed by our managing director, after 30 years in the industry. It’s our mission to make high-calibre materials for designers, architects, builders and home renovators available at a reasonable price. Whether you want an ornate stone feature, or to create entirely bespoke glass mosaic decor – the products we stock are from industry-leading quarries and manufacturers.

We understand you want your materials to be flawless, durable, and looking spectacular. And we want to give Australians the opportunity to have these luxurious materials from reputable and highly-regarded sources.

Our team travel the world to find the best products and create dependable supply networks. Our efforts have brought us a global selection of materials ready to find their place in your home.

Take the Next Step With Stone & Tile Studio

We make our mosaic tiles products available to anyone, professional or home-owner, looking for exceptional quality decor in their homes. Whether you want to enjoy it yourself or are upgrading a home for sale, opting for the highest quality on the market prevents the problems associated with inferior, or sub-par, products.

While you’re making your decisions, why not pop in for a visit? You can come to the showroom in Zillmere, QLD to browse the variety of kitchen tiles, porcelain benchtop, and our other products. Seeing them for yourself is a great way to envision how they’ll appear in your home.

Alternatively, you can submit an enquiry form to ask us about the products or for some expert advice on the materials.

Why not book an appointment with one of our professional consultants? They’re ready to help you narrow down your choices and offer solutions to any issues you may have with your space. If you’re thinking of incorporating a glass mosaic tile display in your home, your consultant can help ensure the process is smooth and the results are incredible.


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