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Stone Benchtops Gold Coast

Kitchen benchtops need to be practical and hygienic because they are a working surface where food is prepared. But they also need to look good because they are a prominent part of your kitchen.

There are plenty of types of benchtops to choose from at Stone & Tile Studio but some are clearly much more suitable than others. The stone benchtops in the Gold Coast that we supply are all of the highest quality and combine durability with exceptional good looks so they’ll almost certainly meet all your requirements.

Choosing the Benchtop that’s Best for You

The main types of materials for kitchen benchtops are as follows:

  • Quartz. This is a naturally occurring, highly decorative stone. It’s a highly popular choice because, in addition to its attractive appearance, it is exceptionally hard and so is durable, resistant to stains, scratches and heat, and so is ideal for use in the kitchen.
  • Granite is also a natural stone that is very hard and durable, resistant to stains and scratches and won’t weather. It is therefore a perfect material for granite stone benchtops in the Gold Coast and is available in a variety of colours, mainly black, white, pink and grey but also sometimes green, blue, brown or red which give it a beautiful appearance.
  • Marble is softer than either quartz or granite and so can be prone to etching. However, its softness means it can have more intricate designs and sculpting, so it is a popular choice for marble stone benchtops on the Gold Coast, especially given its beautiful appearance. The most common colours for this natural stone are white, grey and black although green, brown, gold and pink are also available.
  • Concrete benchtops are formed from a mixture of cement, aggregates and water, which are cured in a mould to give a very hard and durable surface. The benchtops can be produced in any colours and are a very popular choice although they cannot beat natural stone in terms of beauty and uniqueness. Read More

High-Quality and Durable Stone Benchtops

What you need for a kitchen benchtop is something that is practical and durable, as well as being attractive so it improves the look of your kitchen. All our benchtops do that and you can fit them without even having to remove or replace your kitchen cupboards.

Little maintenance is needed. You only have to wipe them down occasionally with a damp cloth and possibly some mild household cleaner. You can also prevent stains and marks, particularly on the softer marble benchtops, by cleaning off spills straightaway and using coasters and placemats to avoid excessive heat and corrosive substances coming into direct contact with the stone.

To make sure that you choose the benchtops that are right for you, speak to one of our experienced consultants who will advise you on the best option. Our professional and friendly team is eager to assist you because we want to help you have a beautiful and practical kitchen that is enhanced by the fitting of natural stone benchtops. So get in touch today. We also offer Stone Benchtops in Brisbane if you live outside the Gold Coast. Read Less

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