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Stone Cladding Brisbane

Stone has a certain elegance that can add a timeless quality to any property. To achieve that effect, you need to have stone walls in Brisbane that are of the highest quality.

Choosing The Best Wall Cladding Brisbane

If you’re looking to buy stone cladding in Brisbane, you can generally choose between natural stone tiles and ones that are made from reconstituted stone. They are similar in some ways but different in others so you need to weigh up the features of each before making your choice.

Applying internal or external cladding in Brisbane is usually done to improve the appearance of a property but will also improve its acoustic and thermal insulation as well as making the building more resilient during harsh weather. So you have a lot to gain.

The Uniqueness of Natural Stone Cladding in Brisbane

Stone cladding comprises tiles that are affixed securely to a building so they give the appearance of a solid stone wall. However, while some tiles are cut from various types of natural stone, others are manufactured from crushed stone that is mixed with a binder to give the appearance of natural stone. Read More

Manufactured stone can be a little lighter than its natural counterpart and may be slightly easier to install. However, the cost of each product is very similar but the main reason that natural stone wins every time is quality.

Manufactured stone is mass-produced in a factory and every tile will be very similar in appearance. Natural stone, by contrast, has formed over millions of years and the process ensures that every stone is unique, with fossils, grains and veins all adding to the attraction and providing different colours and tones.

The colour of manufactured stone can fade over time while natural stone will retain its colour and freshness. It is resistant to fire, harsh weather and UV rays so will last a lifetime without needing to be replaced.

Manufactured stone was pre-eminent at one time because the tiles could be made much thinner and lighter than natural stone. But the development of new saws and cutting techniques has enabled much thinner and lighter tiles to be produced, making the tiles cheaper, installation easier and restoring natural stone as the most popular choice.

Suitable for Any Purpose

We can supply natural stone cladding in a variety of types with different colours, finishes, sizes and shapes. That means you can certainly find a stone that’s ideal for any purpose, whether internally for a feature wall or externally to enhance and protect your property.

All our stone is extremely attractive, very durable and will withstand fire and harsh weather. It provides extra insulation, resists stains with minimal maintenance and will enhance the value of your property. It’s also available in a variety of finishes from rough to smooth so you can achieve whatever effect you desire.

For elegance combined with practicality, we’ll help you to choose exactly the right stone cladding for your needs and we’ll ensure it’s within your budget. Contact us today and one of our consultants will provide all the assistance and advice you need. We’re here to help you achieve the result you want.

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