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Stone Cladding Sunshine Coast

The Best Type of Wall Cladding on the Sunshine Coast

Cladding your property adds an extra layer to your exterior walls. This provides protection against harsh weather, adds thermal and acoustic insulation, improves the aesthetic appearance of the building and adds to its value among other benefits.

There are numerous types of cladding available, including brick, metal, wood and manufactured stone-effect tiles as well as natural stone cladding on the Sunshine Coast. Each type has its benefits and limitations so you need to choose carefully before cladding your property.

Why Natural Stone Cladding is the Best Option

The various types of cladding include:

  • Brick, where thin slices of brick are applied as tiles and give the appearance of a solid brick wall but without the weight, cost and construction needs. These tiles have the same durability as solid bricks.
  • Metal, which is low maintenance, durable and fire resistant but can be expensive and provides poor insulation.
  • Wood that looks good and offers reasonable insulation but requires regular maintenance and can rot if not looked after properly.
  • Veneer that is lightweight, affordable, easy to install and maintain but may not be very durable.
  • Reconstituted stone that is manufactured from crushed stone and a binder to look like natural stone. It has many of the features of natural stone but can never look as good.
  • Natural stone is the most popular choice and there are many reasons for this that include its versatility, strength and long life. Read More

The factors that influence your choice of stone cladding include its appearance, maintenance needs, your budget and the location of your property, which will determine the weather conditions the cladding has to withstand. Although stone cladding may not be the cheapest option in the short term, it will always win out in the longer term due to its durability, which means it won’t deteriorate and you should never need to replace it.

Natural stone comes in a variety of types that each offer different colours and finishes. These are also available in various sizes and shapes, including stacked stone on the Sunshine Coast that provides an attractive pattern of small stones in various sizes.

Suitable for any Property Size

The enduring popularity of natural stone cladding is in part due to its versatility. It can be used to clad the complete exterior of a building or to create an internal feature that will attract attention and gain universal approval.

Natural stone offers a huge variety of design options due to the number of styles, colours and finishes available combined with the varying sizes and shapes. It is, therefore, perfectly suitable for any type of property, whether commercial or residential, traditional or contemporary, and will certainly improve its aesthetic appearance as well as its insulation properties and structural integrity.

Whatever you want to do and no matter the size of your project, we can help you make it work. Our experienced and knowledgeable consultants are available to provide a professional and friendly service that will ensure you acquire the most suitable stone cladding at an affordable price. That will enable you to complete your project successfully, so get in touch today to arrange a consultation or simply seek advice. Read Less

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