Porcelain Floor Tiles

Porcelain Floor Tiles

Porcelain Floor Tiles Are Easy to Clean And Maintain

The kitchen can be a busy environment full of hustle and bustle as you create delicious food. And it’s not uncommon for the floor to get a bit messy! Porcelain floor tiles make cleaning and maintenance a breeze compared to the alternatives. The material is hard and durable, making it resistant to cracks and chips- so if you accidentally drop a pan, you won’t be facing a huge bill to replace it! Even if the pan is hot, porcelain won’t scorch or burn – so you can easily clean up, leaving no evidence of the disaster. Read More

Spills can be easily wiped away with a cloth and warm water. If you have boisterous dogs who like to dip themselves in mud before coming inside, porcelain flooring might just save you a few headaches. And if you have children that enjoy a good mess, investing in porcelain floor tiles in Brisbane will give you peace of mind that your floors are safe from permanent damage.

It’s waterproof and mould resistant, making it an excellent choice for kitchens and bathrooms. If you’re designing for a swimming pool or spa, porcelain is a strong contender for the best material available.

Versatile Porcelain Tiles – Do It with Style

Aside from the benefits of the material itself, porcelain is incredibly versatile when it comes to style. During production, it’s possible to create almost any pattern in every colour. It’s the perfect accompaniment to any room design, whether you’re inspired by classical french architecture or modern Italian designers. Your floor could be a feature piece or a subtle complement to other areas.

If you’re looking for something a little bit different, you can also choose to use oversized porcelain tile. These can be used creatively to create stunning visual effects, instead of – or even alongside – the traditional-sized tile.

The huge variety of styles makes porcelain extremely popular for home improvement and home design. Builders, renovators and interior designers, and buyers all appreciate the durability and sophistication of high-quality porcelain floor tiles.

Stone & Tile Studio Are THE Tile Experts

After 30 years in the tile design industry, our managing director set up Stone & Tile Studio to source and import the finest quality materials into Australia. There was a gap in the market, and the quality available just wasn’t as good as it could be. But now, after many tours of the most impressive quarries, manufacturers and producers, you have access to the most elite floor and wall tiles materials for your home.

Finding luxurious porcelain floor tiles in Brisbane is now easier than ever before! We’ve teamed up with Europe’s finest sources of mesmerising stone and tiles. And we didn’t stop there. Whether it’s from Spain or Italy, China or India, our stock has passed stringent quality control checks to ensure only the finest materials make it onto our shelves.

We Stock Beautiful Porcelain Tiles in Brisbane

When thinking about potential design, inspiration can be found all over the internet (even here – Get Inspired). And making a solid decision can be tough. But Stone & Tile industry experts are on hand to help you with your options.

We have an open showroom in Zillmere QLD. All are welcome to come by, to see and feel the materials of our porcelain benchtop and tiles. Up close you’ll get to experience the true beauty of our available stocks and can easily envision them as part of your final design.

We also offer a free design consultation. Benefit from the years of experience and friendly advice offered by our highly skilled team. To book a consultation, please complete the Designer Consultation form.

Whether you come for a browse, or to meet with our experts, we look forward to helping you with your design project. Read Less

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