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Outdoor Tiles

Achieve a seamless outdoor style. Here in Queensland we love nothing more than opening the big doors out to the veranda and pool area. The open plan works a dream to get a lovely breeze on those hot summer days.

We have a number of superb high-density porcelain tiles that enable you to achieve a seamless outdoor style while ensuring your desired slip-resistance is achieved. Great if you have indoor spaces that spill out onto your outdoor entertaining areas. A variety of colours and sizes are available to suit a range of styles.

Looking for Sublime Outdoor Tiles for Your Gold Coast Property?

Any homeowner wants the option to be able to make the most of their outdoor spaces whenever they entertain guests, or just to take advantage of the good weather as and when they wish. However, there are plenty of different things to think about before you transform that space that has so much potential. Achieving a look that will deliver the goods for years without succumbing to the wear and tear it can be expected to experience is essential.

As such, Gold Coast’s outdoor tiles are a staple of patios for this very reason and the good news is that if you have felt limited with regards to the choices that are accessible to you, then you’ve found a tile supplier that can help you achieve so much more.

At Stone & Tile Studio, we are a team of well-trained, highly experienced stone and tile professionals. With well over twenty-five years of experience under our belts, we know the ins and outs associated with all of the different products that we stock. Whether you are looking for tiling or stone solutions, or if you hope to happen on special offers of top-end international porcelain and stone slabs at reduced prices, then look no further. Read More

How Outdoor Tiles Enhance Any Outdoor Space in Gold Coast

As the preeminent supplier of the very best outdoor tiles Brisbane has to offer, we continually seek to evolve our range over time to match the tastes of our clientele. There are countless ways that you can use tiles and tone to enhance any outdoor space.

Those that install tiles in outdoor areas achieve a relatively simple to maintain solution and can expect to keep their garden and patio areas looking their best all year around. You can browse a huge selection of different tile types at our design centre in Stafford, which will give you first-hand insight into the different looks that are achievable, as well as the diverse stylistic options that are readily available.

Naturally, for many homeowners living in the Gold Coast, outdoor floor tiles are required for around the pool. One of the key considerations in this regard is to find a suitable material that will deliver anti-slip properties. While it is important to bolster the safety standards at your property, this does not mean that you cannot access a stunning look to complement a part of the home that will always be associated with fun and good times.

Outdoor patio tiles are a superb choice for those that want to achieve an effective, low-cost solution that will brighten up a space that needs an aesthetic boost. The diverse range of different styles, sizes and colours means that you can really tap into your inner designer with tiles, and our showroom is the perfect place to really get creative.

Outdoor Tile Inspiration

Our outdoor spaces have become an extension of the interiors we so lovingly create. Investing in upgrading your outdoor space is money well spent, as it will provide an oasis for you and your family to enjoy throughout the warmer months. Imagine evenings spent by your pool with soft lighting – ideal for entertaining with friends or family. Imagine afternoons with a good book and something deliciously cold to sip while you enjoy your outdoor space.

You can’t put a price on the feeling of well-being when you are inspired by your surroundings. That’s why when you buy outdoor tiles, it’s important to choose well. Not all outdoor patio tiles are made with the same quality. This can mean that after a few years, they crack and need replacing or that they are just not fit for purpose and can become dangerously slippery when wet. This is clearly not a situation that you want when you design your outdoor space.

How to Choose Outdoor Patio Tiles

Tiles for outdoor spaces can be cut from natural stone, and this is a practice which dates back millennia. In fact, we stock the same Travertine stone that was used in Roman times. We have a really wide outdoor tile range to choose from, with natural stone, granite, and marble among them.

Tiles for outdoor areasshould be selected based on three criteria. Firstly, will the colour enhance the other features and dimensions of the space you are designing? This may be dictated by the colour of your property, and you want a look that enhances or contrasts but not a mismatch. Darker colours can make small spaces look smaller, so a warm-coloured stone tile might make the area look more inviting.

Secondly, outdoor patio tiles need to be durable for the climate in which you are installing them. Although we are not prone to sudden cold snaps in Queensland, the prolonged heat and humidity can also damage building materials. All of our tiles are selected for durability in mind, and are perfect for our hot, humid climate.

Lastly, it’s vital that tiles for outdoor spaces are safe to be installed in areas where there is a chance of them getting wet. Even a small amount of water can make the smooth surface of a tile perilously slippery, especially when someone is wearing thongs and moving at speed. We can give your expert knowledge about which tiles would be suitable for outdoor living areas and poolside, and which ones to avoid.

Consult with the Experts on Outdoor Tiles

When you buy outdoor tiles from us, you will be benefiting from our years of expertise. We care that our customers get a result they love, which they can enjoy for years to come. We can help you select everything you need for your particular budget, and even offer a free, no-commitment design service. Renovating your outdoor areas can also be a great investment to make, whether you want to enjoy your property for years, are considering selling, or wish to enter the rental or short-stay markets.

Call in to chat with us today and see how we can transform your outdoor space!

Our Gold Coast Outdoor Tiles Come With a Complementary Designer Consultation

Here at Stone & Tile Studio, we appreciate that some people have a greater depth of knowledge with regards to stone and tiles than others. As such, we extend a complimentary design consultation to those that wish to discuss the project that they are planning, to gain a greater sense of what is possible. You might settle on outdoor travertine tiles for your home, or decide that a wood-look tile would make a big splash, but with our assistance, you get professional insights that are motivated to enhance your home.

So, for outdoor concrete tiles and everything ideal for spaces that are exposed to the elements, look no further than the team here at Stone & Tile Studio. We look forward to helping you achieve something remarkable soon. Read Less

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