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Wood-Look Tiles

Timber floors have been synonymous with the Queenslander homes for decades. The technological advances in wood look porcelain tiles, is allowing the tiles to be incredibly realistic and a viable option to timber floors.

The depth of design and colours being embedded into these porcelain tiles are almost identical to the real thing. Some ranges you can see the small timber fibres from a replicated split in the timber.

Timber Look Tiles – Visually Stunning Without the Hassle Of Maintenance

Timber has been a staple in home style and design for a long time. It’s such a versatile medium that it can bring together your modern look or highlight your rustic features. With a variety of colours, grains and finishes there’s no wonder wooden tiles are still a highly sought-after material.

Timber itself, while looking incredible, needs a lot of upkeep to maintain. It’s easily discoloured, dented and damaged, not to mention the need for regular polishing. But you can save the hassle and still get the timber tiles design you’re looking for.

Advanced technology means that you can have detailed and realistic timber-look tiles that are much easier to clean and more resistant to accidental damage. They are also more durable, so you’ll have fewer long-term costs in replacements and damage control. Read More

These tiles are actually made from porcelain, but natural grain patterns are expertly rendered to make it incredibly difficult to tell them apart from the real thing!

Australia’s Wood Grain Floor Tile Specialists

There is nothing quite like walking into a home or property that has a wonderful wood aesthetic. Wood brings a timeless quality. There are plenty of homeowners and designers that seek something that is a little more durable and will withstand the elements no matter what room it is installed in. A wood grain floor tile is the perfect solution. It achieves all of the beauty of genuine wood planks while affording the homeowner a long-lasting material that will stand up to wear and tear.

Here at Stone & Tile Studio, we are a team of professionals that have worked in this industry for over thirty years. We believe that instead of having to put up with some of the poor quality and substandard products and materials that so often flood the Australian tile market, a higher quality alternative should be readily accessible. This is why we offer Queensland natives the very best of materials that have been sourced from the best manufacturers around the world.

We are the preeminent wood grain tiles in Australia and our showroom in Stafford is the perfect place for any designer, architect or homeowner that is about to begin their home renovation, a commercial or retail project to find a variety of products, colours, sizes, shapes and choice that simply cannot be matched.

Timber Tiles from Stone & Tile Studio

As a popular flooring choice for Queensland homes, timber is a sought-after material, but choosing alternative timber tiles for your space might be something that you have not considered.

Here at Stone & Tile Studio (best tile shop in Brisbane), we offer more than 30 years of experience in the tiling industry to our valued customers, and we have used our expertise to source the very best in natural stone and manufactured tiles from around the globe. This means that we are Queensland’s most exclusive tile and stone showroom and the perfect place for you to find the right timber look tiles for your home.

Make a timber floor effortless with timber tiles from Stone & Tile Studio.

Why Wood Grain Tile is the Smart Alternative

There are many reasons why countless customers who engage with our specialist time ultimately choose wood grain ceramic tiles for their homes. First and foremost, compared to real wood, which requires a level of dedication and diligence with regards to maintenance, tile is relatively simple to keep looking its best. Ceramics are often thought to be delicate. This often puts prospective buyers off.  However, in truth, they are exceptionally hard-wearing and will look fantastic for years.

There are a vast amount of different styles and colours to choose from when you pivot away from natural wood and toward wood grain tiles. Even if you are planning to re-finish just one part of a room or an area in the home and you want to match the aesthetic that has already worn into place, weathered or sun-bleached options are also a possibility.

It is important for anyone installing tiles in Sunshine Coast ensure that they have the help of a trained and skilled professional. Once this is the case, then on installing and sealing your wood grain porcelain tiles you gain a material and surface that is naturally resistant to humidity, moisture and scratches and is also very easy to clean.

If anyone in your property has allergy problems, then choosing wood look tiles over natural wood is a great decision. Wood look tiles are less likely to draw pollen, dander and dust. This keeps the airways clear all year round. What’s more, if you are a pet owner this is a good choice to make. They are less prone to scratching compared to natural wood.

Wood-Look Tiles and Other Sustainable Timber Alternatives

Timber is a finite natural resource, and high-quality timber can be expensive – especially if you have a decent square footage to cover during your home building or renovation project. Prices fluctuate regularly and may even blow your budget out of the water depending on style, quantity and source.

To get around this, we’ve sourced amazing wood-look tiles that are visually impressive, easier to budget for and can be maintained for a fraction of the time and cost of timber tiles.

If natural wood is a must-have for your project, we have an extensive range of eco-timber flooring options available. This is salvaged timber, imported from Italy, with a range of colours and textures available.

If you’ve been inspired by a particular design and would like to replicate it in your home, reach out to us for friendly advice on the best way to achieve your visual goals.

Get Your Wooden Tiles from The Tile Experts

After 30 years in the industry, Stone & Tile Studio was created to bridge the gap in high-quality materials available in Australia. We believe that using superior materials adds to the luxuriousness of your home and prevents the need for long-term maintenance or replacement costs.

We actively seek out the best quarries, the finest producers and the top-tier manufacturers to bring you a huge selection of Europe’s finest Stone & Tile supplies. As quality importers, we only accept the most exquisite materials and make them available to you right here in Australia.

Timber & Wood Look Tiles: Visit Our Design Centre

You can browse through our products, or check out our inspiration pages, to find the floor or wall tile style that you want to take pride of place in your home. Whether you are set, or undecided, you can book a free consultation with one of our stone and tile experts. Appointments can be made using our Design Consultation enquiry form.

If you would like to see and feel the materials for yourself while you’re making your decision, we welcome you to visit our Zillmere Design Centre at 3 Pineapple Street, Zillmere, 4034 QLD. Opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm, and Saturday 9am – 2pm.

If visiting isn’t an option, perhaps due to time or location, we would be happy to assist with any enquiries and answer any questions you may have. Using the enquiry form, please let us know how we can help, and someone will respond as soon as possible.

Our team of stone and tile experts are on hand when you visit our exclusive showroom in Zillmere. Open Monday to Friday between 9 and 5, and on Saturday between 9 and 2, our newly built Design Centre showcases our designer range of natural stone, porcelain and ceramic tiles in large format displays that allow you to get closer to the designs.

Visit us and you can see our wood look tiles displayed so that you can feel them by hand and underfoot. Talk to our team and get advice from the experts so that you can find the perfect timber tiles for your home.

Our well-trained, knowledgeable team have more than 30 years of experience in the tiling industry, and we know what makes a great renovation project. We source the very best wooden tiles as well as stone cladding in Brisbane.

The wood look tiles are very popular for those wanting the beauty and style of having timber floors, but without the hassle of dents, sanding and re-polishing after a few years. Read Less

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