The 2018 Bathroom Trends You Need to Know

The 2018 Bathroom Trends You Need to Know

Forget fleeting fads. The bathroom trends for 2018 are designed to add modern indulgence and increase the value of your home, even as trends come and go.

Trend 1: Natural stone bathroom tiles

Stone tiles have been a staple in designer bathrooms for a long time. This is because of their raw beauty and durability, and this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The only variance on 2018’s trends is the size of the stone bathroom tiles. Bigger tiles with less grout are going to be in high demand, due to its striking appearance and ease of cleaning. Polished marble stone, complemented with attractive grey and white veining is great for lighting up a bathroom, while marble stone tiles with a dark veining add a rich complexity and mood. Fish scale bathroom tiles, seen in this Carrara Marble, has also been seen in many designer bathrooms for 2018.

Trend 2: Escapism

Long are the days where the bathroom was a most practical space to bathe. People are bringing the day spa feel into the home, creating bathrooms that are a place to relax and escape. Minimalism is key here to creating a day spa feel, with cleverly hidden storage (think behind mirrors, wall pull outs and even nifty cabinets behind wall art). Other elements of escapism include incorporating earthy materials through natural stone bathroom tiles and even wood-look tiles if you’re hesitant to use natural stone in the bathroom, as well as floor to ceiling windows overlooking a hidden garden.

Trend 3: Monochrome

A black and white colour scheme will always be luxurious and timeless and will continue to be on-trend. The play on light and dark tones will add a cooling and moody element to any bathroom, providing solace for those hot summers. This is also a scheme that can work with any contemporary scheme and any pops of colour you do want to add. Achieving this look can be done through large slabs of natural marble stone tiles and complementing black mosaic tiles. For added luxury, gold, brushed metallic and matte black tapware are a must.

Trend 4: Looking to the future

Forget subway tiles, 3D tiles are in. With many designers looking to create futuristic homes, technology is extending to the bathroom too. To complete the futuristic look, 3D tile feature walls are an art piece in themselves. This adds depth and warmth to any bathroom.

What’s definitely out for 2018

  • White subway tiles, while always classy, did not make the designers cut this year. Those designers who used subway tiles opted for bright colours including the Pantone Colour of the Year, which was Greenery.
  • Spa baths are considered too bulky for small apartment bathrooms. Many millennial couples opt for a larger shower with two shower heads and a wet room look.
  • All white everything bathrooms are out, with designers preferring to combine modern and organic (i.e. stone and wood) to create a dynamic atmosphere.
  • Rose and copper finishes in the bathroom are still being used, through in a much smaller volume. On the other hand, metals in gold, silver and bronze are increasing in popularity.

How to incorporate the latest trends into your existing bathroom

  • To create escapism, adding hanging indoor plants over the bath or large potted plants in the corner space will immediately bring the outdoors inside
  • You can easily change the small things, such as blinds and taps to breathe new life into your bathroom, without the hefty cost of a renovation
  • Colour can be added through soft linens

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