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Bluestone Tiles & Pavers

Bluestone underlies more of Earth’s surface than any other rock type. Volcanic in origin, Bluestone is an extremely dense and hardwearing material. Dependent on the endemic region of the product as well as the finish; the colour possibilities are abundant in hues of Anthracite, Gunmetal blue, Inky-Black, Denim Blue and faded-emerald green.

Bluestone Tiles is the perfect fit for your landscaping needs, the hues of the stone are a striking contrast to the beautiful green foliage and vibrant splashes of colourful flowers. This dynamic stone will transform your backyard to a peaceful paradise. Bluestone pavers are extremely dense and hardwearing, this enables you to use this flexible stone in many of applications. Bluestone is available is various finishes and sizes, it is very customisable to suit your requirement.

Bluestone Tiles Offer a Unique Look For Brisbane Homes

Here’s the big question: what exactly are bluestone tiles and how are they formed? Maybe you’ve seen this term in magazines, on design programmes, or maybe you have never come across it before. Also known as basalt, bluestone is formed from volcanic lava, which we think makes it just about as cool as an igneous rock can be! When lava rapidly cools, bluestone is formed- giving us a natural, raw feel and texture. This gritty and volcanic tile is a very popular choice amongst designers and architects, and it’s no surprise either, given its superior performance and unique look.

Large bluestone pavers, cut from volcanic lava-formed bluestone, enhance outdoor spaces with their substantial dimensions. Showcasing the material’s natural texture and rugged charm, these bluestone pavers provide both visual impact and practical durability. Ideal for diverse landscaping projects like patios, garden paths, or driveways, they effortlessly blend timeless elegance with functional resilience, catering to various architectural styles. Read More

Why Choose Bluestone Tiles/Pavers?

Here are several good reasons to choose for bluestone in Brisbane for your residence.

  • Tough and hardworking – It’s hard to get better than bluestone when it comes to resilience. Hard-wearing and strong, these tiles stand up to every stress test to last through it all. Bluestone is an investment for the future, as you won’t need to replace these tough floor tiles any time soon! Suitable for use as inside and outdoor tiles, bluestone weathers every storm, which is why it’s used not just in residential properties, but commercial ones too!
  • Texture and colour – It’s little wonder why people fall head over heels for this natural stone. Dark blue, charcoal and grey swirl together to create this contemporary look that serves as a perfect backdrop to foliage and water. Available in two finishes, Sandblasted and Brushed or Honed, you can customise the finish to one that eventuates the rough side or smooth gloss of the stone.
  • Less slippery – This stone is really popular for poolside areas, as the finish lends itself to a better grip underfoot. Bluestone is porous, rough in texture and retains heat, so water is dispersed and evaporates easily. Talk to our consultants about the best ways to achieve a safe pool area for your guests, we can help you select the right finish to increase surface friction.
  • Warm underfoot – As a volcanic rock, bluestone’s darker pigments retain heat and create a cosy under-foot warmth. Loved by felines everywhere, if you like to bask in the sun then these tiles might be for you! Talk to us about direct sunlight, though, as some areas may get too toasty for toes!
  • Available in a variety of sizes – We are Brisbane’s premier bluestone supplier and stock bluestone in just about every size, all the way up to our giant 800×400 option. Don’t worry, we can talk you through the selections and make sure you get the right size and quantity.

Consult Our Designers & See How Bluestone Tiles Could Work For You

Whether you are starting from scratch or renovating a well-loved home, Stone & Tile Studio can help you make design choices that will enhance the value and look of your project. You can book a session with one of our design consultants, free of charge, at our beautiful Zillmere showroom. To book, simply fill out our contact form with your details and we’ll endeavour to get right back in touch with you to arrange a suitable time and date. Read Less

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