5 Stone and Tile Trends for 2022

5 Stone and Tile Trends for 2022

At the Stone and Tile Studio, we supply some of the finest establishments in Australia with top-quality surfaces. We’ve sold materials to the Hilton Hotel, the Grand Chancellor Hotel, Emporium Hotel and Apartments and Brisbane’s own Sky Tower. This means we can spot a budding trend a mile off. Here are the five trends that the connoisseurs of interior design are following:

Warm Colours

The hospital look is out. The top trend in stone and tile is for warmer tones of classic colours like white and grey. No more sterile white. For a minimalist look, warm white or warm grey (known as ‘greige’) are the preferred colours.

Greige creates a similar modernist ambience as concrete, but as a light porcelain tile, it’s infinitely more practical. Such porcelain tiles can line floors or walls, including your bathroom tiles, or they can cover steps, landings and columns. They can even serve as cladding for your house. Indoors or outdoors, our porcelain tiles are light but resilient. Gres is a slightly creamier grey that’s just as versatile. With these warm yet neutral colours, you don’t have to choose between cold neutrals or bright clashing colours.

Matt surfaces

A candy-like shine has been fashionable for tiles for a long time, but now matt surfaces are having their moment in the spotlight. Compared to the shell-like feel of highly polished tiles, matt surfaces have a softer feel and create a cosier atmosphere. Combined with warm neutrals, matt surface tiles lend themselves to a relaxing room, making them a perfect combination for a spa.


Some trendsetters are going even further than matt surfaces and favour a pattern that you can feel. Textured tiles are perfect for a rustic design, just like our patterned cement tile. So if you want to emulate a French farmhouse full of fresh air and gentle sunlight, our Chateau range of textured tiles is perfect. They can even be applied to water features. In artisanal shades of beige, white, grey, and black, our tiles have a natural beauty.

The Colours of Nature

Blue Aqua Onyx Bathroom

Blues and greens are bringing the colours of the natural world to kitchens and bathrooms. What better place for an oceanic theme than the bathroom? In cool but gentle shades, blue like bluestone tiles can be just as relaxing as a more neutral colour. Green brings freshness and life to the kitchen, and onyx green is particularly enchanting, capturing the vibrancy and movement of a river in stone.

Natural stone

Fashion fades, but natural stone is always popular. Like other classics, it’s versatile: you can incorporate natural stone into your design in different combinations. Natural stone works beautifully with crafted styles, like brass.

If you want to enquire about our tiles in Australia, each webpage has a grey sidebar. Just enter your contact details and send us your message. Our team are as knowledgeable about the properties of stone as they are about interior design. They’ll help you pick the best tiles for each location. With Stone and Tile Studios, you get nothing but the highest quality. With over 35 years of experience, we’re the best in the market.

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