High-end stone

High-end stone


Aquitaine is inspired by the simplicity and naturalness of certain stones used for flooring in French architecture, very suited to a fresh, “country” style. It is derived from two colours, Grey and Beige and comes in French pattern to create simple, yet attractive patterns.


Ashima range is inspired by the labyrinthine nature of the forest of Shilin. The range was created with a stone effect with a highly distinctive appeal.  The range carries 4 colours that are sure to suit any colour palette or design.

Calacatta Prague

An amazing reproduction mix of Calacatta and Statuario Marble. This tile has the depth and characteristic of real stone, capturing the luxurious look of Calacatta marble with its distinctive vein structure and soft colours.


Chateau is an Italian collection inspired by natural Pierre de Bourgogne. A stone that has played a prominent role in French Architecture. Chateau is a sophisticated elegant mood that offers architects and designers a fresh expressive path to farmhouse style.


Grainstone is a collection of porcelain tiles inspired by the volcanic power of granite. It is a stone with a simple, primitive appearance that has always provided the versatile, expressive base for works of architecture built to last over time.


The Mainstone collection creates elegance and style through the reinterpretation of stone. The recreation creates valuable opportunities for wellbeing and pleasure in a range of environments.

Outdoor Flooring


Nordic porcelain tiles encompass a spontaneous primal beauty, which tells the impact of natural stone in all its facets, a tireless work exaltation of nature.

Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom tiles are very versatile choices for a wide range of different designs. They’re used literally everywhere in tile design, and across a huge range of different décor styles.

Case Study

Stone & Tile Studio is proud to have worked with many incredible clients and contractors on hundreds of tiling projects over the years. A number of memorable projects are explored in detail through the case studies below.

Please contact the Stone & Tile Studio team directly if you would like further information on the styles and products used as part of these projects. 


We are the exclusive representative for Bisazza in Queensland.


Marble is the epitome of style and luxury living. Whilst being durable, it will not take away from the beauty that can be incorporated into any home, to add that touch off Lux living.


Piase Spazellato is a dynamic design masterpiece. This porcelain stone-look tile is inspired by the elegance and amazing versatility of Piasentina stone.


Travertine is one of the all-time classic building materials. This remarkably beautiful stone is extremely chic, and notably beloved around the world. 

Cement Tiles

Cement tiles are the epitome of stylish edge for those industrial designs.

Tile Trends


Stone &  Tile Studio has an excellent range of beautiful ceramics for interior design. You'll enjoy our contemporary ranges, made from the finest materials.

Stone Slabs

Stone & Tile Studio import and carry a vast range of stone including Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Granite and Bluestone, we have every stunning option ready for inspection. Our wide range of stone includes various sizes, colours, patterns and textures. Read More

Shopping for the Best Stone Slabs in Brisbane?

You’ve come to the right place. At Stone & Tile Studio, we were fed up of poor-quality stone and tiles used in building. So, what did we do? We began to import our own high-quality stone from Europe, sourced directly from the best quarries and manufacturers in the world. We have 35 years’ worth experience in the industry, so we know that in the Australian market it’s easy to find cheap imitations of Italian quality. You can rest assured knowing that we sell only the real deal, straight from Europe.

Why You Need a Stone Slab Countertop

Natural stone has been used in home and building design for centuries, and it’s easy to see why. Not only does it look great, it has many other benefits too.

  • They have less of an impact on the environment – They are mined from solid rock and cut to shape with diamond-tipped blades. Because there isn’t a lot going on in the manufacturing process, it produces very few carbon emissions. Remnants left over after cutting the stone slabs to size can be made into tiles again, so there’s little to no waste too.
  • They’re durable – Stone bench tops have an average lifespan of over 30 years but could last 50! There’s no need to think about replacing them, chipping them, or wearing them down, unlike laminate countertops.
  • It can increase the value of your home – Having strong countertops is a very important factor when selling a house. Buyers want to know they won’t have to do too much work to the house when they move in and, as stone lasts for a long time, they’ll be more inclined to buy the house at a higher price.
  • Each stone has a unique pattern – Even if your friends have the same stone countertop slabs, we can almost guarantee yours will have a different pattern to theirs. It gives your room a sophisticated and unique style that can’t be replicated and matches colours and theme.
  • There are all sorts of stones to choose from – We have a variety of different stone slabs ready for your countertop including granite, marble, limestone

If you ever find something wrong with the stone we provide, we will replace it immediately, without question. Our suppliers know that we will not tolerate defective products and are given high standards to meet. You’re our main priority – we only send out the highest quality products to make sure you’re happy with your new stones and tiles for many years to come. Your home is your happy place; you shouldn’t have to compromise.

Brisbane's Stone Countertop Slabs of Choice

If you’re still unsure on whether a stone slab countertop is for you, come and visit us at our showroom in Brisbane to see how it looks in person. Or you can book a design consultation with one of our experts. They’ll give you a free, no-obligation design and quote to help find you bring your dream room to life.
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Indoor Flooring

Q Stone Minimal

Q Stone is the epitome of style and class in porcelain tiles.  The sophistication of this range arouses emotions and coveys passion; a design that nurtures individual personality.


Stonebox is a mixture of elegant and exclusive stones which faithfully reproduce the style and needs of modern life. This porcelain tile is inspired by different types of marble and stones.

Concrete Look

Concrete look porcelain tiles are the epitome of stylish edge for those industrial designs.

Natural Stone

Natural Stone has been used in home design since the Roman era.  On any visit to European countries, you will be enveloped into a world of classic grandeur.

Exterior Paving

Split Stone Cladding

Split Stone Cladding offers an instant, visually powerful feature for external or internal facades in residential or commercial applications, pool tile surrounds and water features, fireplace surrounds, chimneys or external walls. Read More

Spice up Your Brisbane Home with Stone Cladding

At Stone & Tile Studio, we have extensive trade experience, so we know what you need. We know you need high quality stone for your Brisbane stone wall, which can be hard to find. We’ve worked with low-quality stone in the past, and weren’t happy with our work, so we make sure we use the highest quality stone to make sure you’re happy. If you’re not, we’ll replace the stone immediately as you’re important to us.

What is Stacked Stone Cladding?

Cladding is a thin layer of stone used against a wall to make it appear like it’s made of stone. It’s often used on the exterior of houses to give them a more rustic look but can also be used in other ways. It can be used in fireplaces, water features and as feature walls. The stones used can be either misshapen or straight cut depending on the look you’re going for and come in a range of types, colours and styles.

Why You Need Stone Wall Cladding on the Sunshine Coast

Now you know what external wall cladding is, you may be considering it over your previous designs. So, here’s why you should use it over other styles:
  • Each stone is different – Because of this, it gives a unique look to your house or feature that can’t be replicated. When used with outdoor tiles, cladding gives it a more natural look over other designs which can look artificial.
  • It’s good thermal insulation – If you feel the cold easily, you need external cladding in Brisbane. Stone cladding helps to maintain the interior temperature so you can stay warm in the winter months.
  • It’s fire resistant – Bush fires are all too regular, and stone walls can help protect you and your house. While you should still be wary and stay safe, stone cladding is a great advantage during the season. It also works great in fireplaces for the same reason while creating a great focal point.
  • It’s durable – It can last a lifetime when installed correctly and withstand anything nature will throw at it.
  • You can customise your design – Don’t worry if you can’t decide between stones for your cladding; you can use more than one type! This gives it a distinctive, one-of-a-kind look that will wow your guests.
  • They’re UV resistant – Natural stones have great resistance against UV rays, having been mined naturally, so there’s no need to worry about colours fading. The colours will remain intact for years to come.

How to Design External Cladding on the Gold Coast

Come and visit our showroom in Zillmere to see how we can make your dream house come to life with stone cladding and accentuate aspects of your home. You can receive a free design consultation with one of our experts who can help with any questions and worries you might have and give you advice. The consultation and quote is free with no obligation so give us a call 0733569766 to book today. Read Less

Feature Tiles

Feature tiles are very versatile choices for a wide range of different designs. They’re used literally everywhere in tile design, and across a huge range of different décor styles.


Stone Project

Stone Project is a unique porcelain tile. It uses revolutionary technology which does not just copy real stones inherent natural beauty but also ensures the best technical response making it suitable for any condition.


Check out our blog for the latest tile news, updates and design trends from Stone & Tile Studio.

Indoor Outdoor Flooring

Achieve a seamless indoor-outdoor style.  Here in Queensland we love nothing more than opening the big doors out to the veranda and pool area.  The open plan works a dream to get a lovely breeze on those hot summer days.


Limestone is an intriguing stone, Limestone's inherent characteristics are what make it an attribute to any home.


Stone & Tile Studio's vast range of imported Stone & tiles is sure to meet every individual design requirement. Our range of stone covers everything from Marble, to Limestone, our porcelain tiles range has designs from concrete to timber planks.  We source all our material from the finest sources around the world.  Our exclusive ranges from Ergon / Emil are sure to amaze even the fastidious clients. If you are looking for exceptional Stone & Tile's for your next project, we can accommodate everything from your DIY project to large commercial buildings. Visit our Design Centre in Zillmere to view our impressive ranges today.

Outdoor Tiles

Achieve a seamless outdoor style.  Here in Queensland we love nothing more than opening the big doors out to the veranda and pool area.  The open plan works a dream to get a lovely breeze on those hot summer days.


Granite is a striking stone, being one of the hardest natural stones it is perfect for all occasions.  Granite is available in a multitude of colours and pattern styles.

Tele Di Marmo Onyx

Tele Di Marmo Onyx is a celebration of Onyx, with its translucent quality, rich colours and intriguing patterns.  This collection exudes the beauty of nature, combined with technology that strives for perfection, like a work of art.

Random Stone

Random stone cladding will add an exceptional aspect to any wall, be it indoors or external, these claddings will create a depth and texture unrivaled by anything wallpaper or paint could deliver.

Tele Di Marmo Revolution

Originating from the idea of reinterpreting the timeless beauty of marble for contemporary taste, Revolution offers unconventional sizes. It introduces new colours and intriguing combinations, enhancing expressive potential through new stylistic languages.

Porcelain Slabs

Stone & Tile Studio's alliances with international manufactures allows customised special orders of large format tiles to be produced creating endless possibilities of design.


Azuma is a elegant concrete look porcelain tile. The Azuma range is the embodiment of a new design philosophy inspired by Japan with its unique concept of space and residential design.

Architectural & Commercial

This specialised market segment requires a comprehensive understanding of all things ‘stone and tile’, along with the ability to deliver with technical specifications, samples and customisations for all manner of projects.
Stone & Tile Studio have over 15 years experience in delivering just that, with a long and strong history in supplying quality stone and tiles to commercial projects, large developments, public works, multi-residential projects and high-profile residences.
With an extensive product range, we can supply a wide range of tiling solutions to meet your project's style and budget. Our dedicated architectural specialists will work with you to meet all your SOF requirements.

The Room

The Room is a new generation of ceramic slabs that amplifies the potential of porcelain stoneware across the board. It simply goes beyond all expectations. Inspired by the wealth of fine marble, it is grafted onto a current and contemporary language and tainted with other textural flavours.

Stone Look

Porcelain tile manufacturing techniques are improving continuously, this drives the industry to create more accurate and detailed designs.  This translates to porcelain tiles looking like exact replica's of natural stone.

Inessence Composto

Inessence is a porcelain tile collection designed from salvaged materials that are given a second life.  Discover the values of craftsmanship of years past with the passing of time.


Bluestone is a Volcanic stone formed over millions of years.  This stunning distinctive stone is perfect for your alfresco area. 



Stone & Tile Studio’s range is always evolving. Stone & Tile studio strive to bring the most innovative and remarkable tiles in all of Brisbane.


The Playground is an urban-inspired porcelain tile collection that features concrete resin surfaces. Concrete teams up with resin and colour, endowing spaces with an understated, austere air.


Tracce is a porcelain stone look range inspired by the Cardoso stone. This stone emphasizes its distinctive patterning formed by the sedimentation process, producing the striking characteristic shade variations. It is rich in shade modulations while retaining an attractive elegant design suitable for homes.


Cobblestone are perfect for use in driveways, pathways and high traffic areas. The textured surface provides traction on steep surfaces and the variation in colour will help hide marks and stains. 

Terrazzo Look

Stone and Tile Studio imports the best quality terrazzo look porcelain tiles from Italy and around the world. We pride ourselves on ensuring our product is both visually stunning and impeccable quality. We have many terrazzo look ranges sure to entice, from your modern Terrazzo look Medley, all the way to your full body traditional terrazzo look Veneziana Grande & Piccolo.


Reuse is a porcelain tile inspired by cement and concrete formwork. Reuse is perfect for creating the ultra-modern urban industrial look.


Natural Stone has been used in home design since the Roman era.  On any visit to European countries, you will be enveloped into a world of classic grandeur.

Trex 3

Perfect for a grand entryway or making a luxurious statement in your master suite. As a stunning feature wall in a hotel lobby or restaurant, you cannot go past this incredible tile.

Wood Look Tiles

Timber floors have been synonymous with the Queenslander homes for decades.  The technological advances in wood look porcelain tiles, is allowing the tiles to be incredibly realistic and a viable option to timber floors.


Quartzite is one of the densest natural stones in the world. Quartz naturally has a high density, low porosity and very low water absorption rates. Quartzite is the perfect stone for exterior areas, pool decks and patios. With a textured surface it will provide a high resistance to slipping when wet. Quartzite is know to have a sparkle effect when the light hits the quartz particles, creating a memorizing and luxurious look.

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