Bluestone Crazy Pave

Bluestone Crazy Pave

Bluestone underlies more of Earth’s surface than any other rock type. Volcanic in origin, Bluestone is an extremely dense and hardwearing material. Dependent on the endemic region of the product as well as the finish; the colour possibilities are abundant in hues of Anthracite, Gunmetal blue, Inky-Black, Denim Blue and faded-emerald green.

Bluestone is the perfect fit for your landscaping needs, the hues of the stone are a striking contrast to the beautiful green foliage and vibrant splashes of colourful flowers.  This dynamic stone will transform your backyard to a peaceful paradise.

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Go Crazy for Bluestone

Bluestone is a perennial favourite for paving. It’s one of the most abundant types of natural stone on the planet. Having been formed by volcanic activity, it is incredibly dense and durable. Dependent on the endemic region of the product as well as the finish; the colour possibilities are abundant in hues of Anthracite, Gunmetal blue, Inky-Black, Denim Blue and faded-emerald green.This means that the possibilities are endless when it comes to crazy paving bluestone.

Crazy paving has been around for thousands of years. First favoured by the Romans (although we are pretty sure they had a different name for it), it was a practical way to pave roads using every piece of stone in an economical and practical way. Because crazy paving allows every size and shape to be used, none of the natural rock is wasted. Although Roman roads are world-famous for being straight, they were constructed using cobbles of differing sizes, very similar to bluestone crazy paving today.

How Can Crazy Paving Be Used?

The jigsaw-like puzzle of crazy paving echoes nature where not everything is uniform in terms of edges and size. Bluestone crazy pave ideas have remained popular because it can be used in any size of space. It’s very useful for creating pathways around bends, trees, or flowerbeds, and gives an organic feeling to the garden design. This can be especially useful if you want to create a feeling of space in a smaller garden or to zone off areas without using straight lines.

Bluestone crazy paving is also a very practical choice. When laid correctly, it can last for years with very little maintenance. This must be appealing to any renovator who understands how building maintenance can eat into your budget. As it is in abundant supply, it can also be an affordable option.

Bluestone crazy paving stone designs can also be a very attractive choice if laid down correctly. The key is to place the larger slabs first before filling the gaps with smaller pieces. Some people like to lay them onto a bed of sand and fill the areas around the edges with plants or contrasting gravel. Others prefer a sealed finish, with the gaps filled with grout. A key design element is to try to make the gaps between stones equal as this will be more pleasing aesthetically.

Building the Complete Look with Bluestone Crazy Paving

The beauty of using bluestone as your craving paving material is that there’s a huge variety of natural colours. As mentioned before, bluestone can have shades of gunmetal, indigo, green and lustrous anthracite. This means that whether you want tropical plants or flowers, there will be a great colour for you to work with. It’s ideal for outdoor areas as it’s so hard wearing, and it looks instantly classy.

Bluestone crazy paving stone design can be used with “lily pads” – large roundish slabs of bluestone, around which smaller fragments can be placed. These fragments can be roundish or have a more jagged shape to contrast with the curved lines of the larger slabs. Set with white grout, the results can be showstopping. Think of a twist on a mosaic blended with modern art.

We are experts in our field, supplying only the very best quality bluestone crazy paving stone, and we are always happy to help customers design their dream back garden. Visit our Zillmere Design Centre for more bluestone inspiration.

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