What Tile is Best for the Bathroom Floor?

What Tile is Best for the Bathroom Floor?

Given the particular challenges that bathrooms pose, they’re especially suitable for the installation of tiled flooring. Tiled floors in bathrooms are easy to clean and maintain and are the best choice for longevity where water and humidity are present on a regular basis.

If you have young children, in particular, pools of water and plenty of splashes will occur at bath times. Choosing a finish for the tiles in your bathroom is easy, with a variety of finishes available there is a option to suit you.

Tiled Bathroom Floors — the Perfect Choice

Polished concrete, engineered wood, vinyl and rubber are all practical options when considering your bathroom flooring. However, they all have drawbacks in terms of cost, difficulties of installation, longevity and maintenance, whereas tiles tick all the boxes and are the most practical choice.

When choosing the type of tile to install, the realistic options are porcelain, ceramic or natural stone. Each has its own characteristics and benefits:

  • Ceramic tiles have their colour and pattern fired into the surface layer so that a chip or crack will expose the underlying material. They are additionally more porous than porcelain and so may not be the most suitable for floors or for surfaces that are exposed to large amounts of water.

  • Porcelain tiles are fired for longer at higher temperatures and are made from denser clays. This makes them more hard-wearing, resistant to stains and impervious to water. They’re very hygienic, easy to clean and simple to install.

    Both porcelain and ceramic tiles are available in a wide range of colours and patterns and can be glazed or unglazed. The former are non-porous and don’t need to be sealed but can be slippery and so may not be suitable as floor tiles. Wide grout lines, however, can increase their slip resistance.

  • Natural stone tiles have a stunning appearance, especially when polished or honed, and so are very popular for use in various situations. They are extremely hard-wearing but can be quite porous, although marble and limestone are less so. However, when installed properly, stone tiles are treated with a protective sealant and so water penetration is not an issue.

Choosing and Caring for your Tiles

In general, porcelain is more suitable than ceramic for bathrooms because it’s less porous. Both will give great versatility in matching wall tiles to floor tiles for the best effect and unglazed tiles will be safer for flooring.

Stone tiles can give a more dramatic and attractive effect but may be higher maintenance overall. This may include resealing them every few years to ensure they remain resistant to water.

The key point at the outset is to choose high-quality tiles that are suitable for the surface and application you have in mind. All the tiles we supply have the necessary information to enable you to make the correct choice and we can provide advice and guidance if you have any doubts. Once acquired, it’s important that all tiles are installed correctly and then looked after properly.

Cleaning is a simple process that involves brushing off any loose dirt and then cleaning with a solution of mild household cleaner and warm water. Harsh chemicals will remove any sealant and can damage the tiles, so must be avoided. In general, caring for your bathroom tiles is a straightforward process, providing you’ve chosen the correct ones, and will keep them looking good for many years.

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