Transforming a Worker’s Cottage into a Modern Home

Transforming a Worker’s Cottage into a Modern Home

Travertine tile has a long and illustrious history with transforming ordinary spaces into lavish venues, with the modern use of platinum travertine represented in outdoor floor tiles and pool tiles.

Travertine can be used to take you to another time or even another country. That’s what the insta-duo Brittany and Blake from Bardon Cottage set out to achieve with their gorgeous French-inspired alfresco area. Using Platinum Travertine outdoor floor tiles, they transformed their timber deck into a sophisticated outdoor living room which radiates a classic and timeless feel, with touches of romance only found in the luxury-boat filled ports of Saint Tropez, the rose-scented breeze of Grasse or the limestone bluffs and turquoise waters of Cassis.

About Bardon Cottage

It’s been a whirlwind 12 months for the couple since they bought their 1920’s workers cottage in Bardon, Brisbane. Their home has been an on-and-off work site. And they’ve worked to transform the modest canvas into a contemporary home that pays tribute to its history.

As with any project, it’s the finishing touches that can make all the difference to the overall look and feel. So, the couple drew inspiration from the house itself to honour the traditional character. They sought out products that, rather than reflecting fad trends, would be timeless and go the length of time. There’s elements of art deco and French inspiration in their bathroom with stunning gold fittings. These elements pop against their black and white accents. Many of the original frames around the house remain but have been updated with fresh coats of paint.

Transforming an outdoor living space with Travertine

The timeless theme is carried through to their outdoor patio with a beautiful travertine platform. The platform steps down into the garden. The couple’s intended to make the travertine tiles the centrepiece of the outdoor living area. This extends out into the backyard, creating a meaningful and liveable area for entertaining.

Choosing Stone & Tile Studio for the travertine patio tiles was a no-brainer for the busy couple, especially with the dedication to service the team at Stone & Tile Studio were able to provide.

“They have a lot of knowledge, great product range, value for money and responsiveness. I can send an email and get a quick response,” says Brittany. “I don’t have time to visit multiple tile shops.  And it’s really nice to start a relationship with a supplier over email. You can’t get that everywhere. You don’t get that with bigger tile shops. I feel confident with buying through them. They have a genuine interest in what you’re doing and what your trying to achieve”.

When asked when the renovations would be finished, they responded that it’s “hard to stop once you’ve started!”. The couple say, they see themselves in the home for some time.  And they hope to see a couple of kids running around their new and improved outdoor living area. You can follow their renovation journey on their Instagram page: Bardon Cottage.

If you’re looking to create a classic, yet luxurious look and feel in your home with travertine stone tiles, check out our range or visit our friendly team at our Stone & Tile Studio showroom in Zillmere.

  • Transforming a worker’s cottage into a modern home using Travertine
  • Transforming a worker’s cottage into a modern home using Travertine tiles
  • Platinum Travertine French Pattern
  • Platinum Travertine French Pattern
  • Platinum Travertine French Pattern
  • grey travertine tiles
  • Platinum travertine stone tiles
  • Platinum Travertine French Pattern

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