Nailing the Natural Wood tile Look with Millelegni

Nailing the Natural Wood tile Look with Millelegni

Hardwood floors are the dream flooring of choice in many Australian homes. Yet without proper care and continual treatment, wooden floors are often prone to scratching and wood shrinkage, especially in humid conditions. A better way to achieve the same look is by using wood-look tiles like Millelegni. The great part is, wood-look tiles can be used in areas where real wood wouldn’t hold up including bathroom floors and pool decking.

At Stone & Tile Studio, we stock a beautiful range of Millelegni porcelain wood-look tiles which harness the beauty of the world’s rarest timbers. From White Toulipier to Millelegni Grey Ash, you can create an area that’s sleek and timeless, while enjoying a low maintenance flooring.

The myths surrounding wood look tiles

There are three major myths of wood grain tiles. Let’s debunk them, shall we?

  1. The grout makes wood look tiles look inauthentic. The beauty of technologically made and designed tiles is that they are mechanically finished with precision. This means a tiler is able to place the tiles tightly together with minimal grout – as little as 3/16 of an inch – giving you a look which is consistent to natural hardwood flooring.
  2. Wood tile floors are cold. In general, porcelain tile flooring does maintain a moderate (but not cold) temperature, which is well-suited to warm Queensland summers.
  3. “The tiles will look fake.”  Wood-look tiles, particularly the Millelegni series, uses digital imaging and innovative technology and manufacturing to introduce highly realistic textures, found in quality grade timber products. They won’t repeat the same knots and grains with every tile either. Each tile is designed to complement the next, giving you an authentic looking floor

Our top tips for making the most of the wood look

  • Millelegni wood tiles have a large variety of patterns. If you’re covering a large space, you can avoid spotting pattern repeats by rotating the orientation of the tile to break up the overall look
  • Wood look tiles are available in a few formats – ceramic, concrete and porcelain tiles. If you’re looking for a durable solution at an affordable cost, we recommend opting for porcelain tiles
  • When it comes to grouting, choose a colour that is one shade darker than your selected tile. The slightly darker grouting will give the illusion that the grouting is simply shadowing around the wood planks – or tiles in this case!
  • Wood look tiles are so versatile. These are commonly used in your indoor living area. We recommend using these tiles in areas you normally wouldn’t dare, such as the bathroom, outdoor entertainment areas and even pool areas.ll
  • Aside from its versatility, wood look tiles are anti-slip and super simple to maintain. Much like regular tiles, all they require to maintain their stunning appearances is a regular sweep and mop. Too easy!

Wood look tiles are an affordable way to enjoy this natural look both indoors and outdoors for years to come. If you’re hoping to build or upgrade your home with wood look tiles in Brisbane, Stone & Tile Studio offer the full range of Millelegni porcelain wood look tiles. Book an appointment with our design team or see the tiles in person at our Brisbane showroom today. Read More

Australia’s Wood Grain Floor Tile Specialists

There is nothing quite like walking into a home or property that has a wonderful wood aesthetic. Wood brings a timeless quality. There are plenty of homeowners and designers that seek something that is a little more durable and will withstand the elements no matter what room it is installed in. A wood grain floor tile is the perfect solution. It achieves all of the beauty of genuine wood planks while affording the homeowner a long-lasting material that will stand up to wear and tear.

Here at Stone & Tile Studio, we are a team of professionals that have worked in this industry for over thirty years. We believe that instead of having to put up with some of the poor quality and substandard products and materials that so often flood the Australian tile market, a higher quality alternative should be readily accessible. This is why we offer Queensland natives the very best of materials that have been sourced from the best manufacturers around the world.

We are the preeminent wood grain tiles suppliers in Australia and our showroom in Stafford is the perfect place for any designer, architect or homeowner that is about to begin their home renovation, a commercial or retail project to find a variety of products, colours, sizes, shapes and choice that simply cannot be matched.

Why Wood Grain Tile is the Smart Alternative

There are many reasons why countless customers who engage with our specialist time ultimately choose wood grain ceramic tiles for their homes. First and foremost, compared to real wood, which requires a level of dedication and diligence with regards to maintenance, tile is relatively simple to keep looking its best. Ceramics are often thought to be delicate. This often puts prospective buyers off.  However, in truth, they are exceptionally hard-wearing and will look fantastic for years.

There are a vast amount of different styles and colours to choose from when you pivot away from natural wood and toward wood grain tiles. Even if you are planning to re-finish just one part of a room or an area in the home and you want to match the aesthetic that has already worn into place, weathered or sun-bleached options are also a possibility.

It is important for anyone installing tiles in Sunshine Coast ensure that they have the help of a trained and skilled professional. Once this is the case, then on installing and sealing your wood grain porcelain tiles you gain a material and surface that is naturally resistant to humidity, moisture and scratches and is also very easy to clean.

If anyone in your property has allergy problems, then choosing wood look tiles over natural wood is a great decision. Wood look tiles are less likely to draw pollen, dander and dust. This keeps the airways clear all year round. What’s more, if you are a pet owner this is a good choice to make. They are less prone to scratching compared to natural wood.

All of Our Wood-Look Tiles Come With a Free, No-Obligation Design Consultation

At Stone & Tile Studio, we have substantial stock in our warehouse, so it will most likely be possible for you to get the colours and products that you require, and in the quantities that you require much faster from us. As Brisbane’s leading tile shop we also offer a free, no-obligation design and quote to those who wish to consult about their project and get a sense of exactly what we offer, and the fantastic prices that apply.

So, for a wood look tile in Brisbane, there really is only one showroom that can cater to a diverse and ever-changing population, and that’s ours here at Stone & Tile Studio. We hope to welcome you to our premises soon. We look forward to enhancing the value of your property with the very best of stone and tile solutions.
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