Tips & Tricks For Tiling A Small Room

Tips & Tricks For Tiling A Small Room

One of the wonderful ways tiles can transform any space is how it subtly but surely alters our perception of size. This clever illusion is particular useful in rooms that are notoriously hard to stylise thanks to their diminutive size, such as a laundry room, spare bathroom or a kitchenette.

Tiling a small room is becoming the norm across the country. New houses and apartments fight for every inch of space that their occupants can afford.

Bathroom - Tiling A Small Room

So, what are the tips in tiling a small room to increase the perception of space in the area? It turns out that there’s no one simple trick – there’s a multitude of methods used to achieve this effect. Here’s some of the most effective ones:

You can help blur the lines between different rooms by establishing a flow of tiles that go from one space to the other. In other words, look at using the same or similar tiles in the small room as the ones adjacent. This removes an arbitrary boundary and a visual indicator that the small room is a separate entity.

Similarly, consider using tiles with just one colour tone. This makes the tiles appear less crowded. Our eyes don’t discern any patterns that limit the boundaries of the space. Be cautious of going too far with this effect. A large swathe of the same colour with no texture can make an area look bland. Have a look at the many subtle patterns that are available in the tiles you are looking at. Many of them can offer a feeling of luxury at a reasonable price.

Using a complementary grout that is a similar hue to the tile can help give a continuity of colour in the space, helping make the overall surface area look larger. This works because the gaps between the tiles are effectively hidden. Our eyes see a larger block of colour than they otherwise normally would.

The team at Stone & Tile Studio can help you make rooms of any size come alive with the right range of materials and know-how. Talk to Stone and Tile Studio to find out more.

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