How to Spring Clean Your Outdoor Stone and Tiles

How to Spring Clean Your Outdoor Stone and Tiles

It’s that time of year again when we break out of our winter rut by pulling the covers off our outdoor furniture and dust of the BBQ for the warmer season. With more time being spent outdoors in the coming months, now is the perfect opportunity to give your outdoor floor tiles and coverings some love and attention!

Spring is when we can breathe new life and effect any changes, repairs or maintenance to outdoor floor or porcelain paving and pool edgings as well as any other exposed tiling product you may have installed such as stack store or cobbles.

So, what do you need? From basic cleaning to a full-blown stone and tile renovation, we’ve got the solution for all your spring cleaning efforts.

I need a…general cleaning day on my outdoor stone flooring or porcelain tiles

Whether you’ve paved your yard with outdoor patio stone tiles or lined your walls with outdoor porcelain tiles, you’ll need to complete a deep clean every few months to keep them looking fresh, while preventing the appearance of mould and mildew.

Cleaning your tiles on a regular basis is simple to do and should only take 10 minutes of your time. If you’ve got outdoor porcelain tiles, a general sweep every few days with a natural bristle broom will reduce the caking of dirt and grime on your outdoor tiles. A wash with clean, warm water and a mop once a week will keep them looking fresh.

When you’ve got more time on your hands, a deep clean every month (or few months) can be achieved by mixing 10 litres of water with a quarter cup of vinegar and mopping the floors to loosen any dirt. If you prefer commercial cleaners, there are a variety of great options available at our trade centre depending on whether you’ve got stone or porcelain tiles.

I need to… repair chipped stone and tile

Tile technology is quite advanced, with most outdoor stone and tile products boasting high levels of toughness and durability. However, they aren’t indestructible! The only remedy is to repair or replace the tile. With the right tools, some patience and some decent hand-eye coordination, a repair job is completely achievable for novice DIYers. If you’re not sure how to go about repairing a tile, just pop into our trade centre located at our Stafford showroom to chat to our expert team who’ll get you started or visit our Zillmere Design Centre for a selection of new tiles.

I need a… complete overhaul of my outdoor living area

Is your space looking outdated? The laying of new outdoor tiles can re-energise and maximise the area to create a usable, functional and enjoyable space to be in. With our outdoor-indoor tiles, you can create a look that transitions naturally between the home and into the outside world. And by using stone and tiles that naturally complement each other, you can create alternative gathering areas. This gives you the flexibility in how and why you hang out there. To get some inspiration on how to make an outdoor living area you’ll love, browse our outdoor gallery.

If you’re ready to revamp your outdoor living area but need help bringing your ideas to life, book a complimentary design consultation with our dedicated stone and tile design team.

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