Inspiring Greenery With Pantone Colour of the Year

Inspiring Greenery With Pantone Colour of the Year

Colour is complex and nuanced. It has the power to communicate and convey messages and meaning without words. At its core is a fundamental part of the human experience. Over the years, designers have explored the potential of colour to affect mood and psyche in commercial and residential projects for their clients. So, when Pantone – the world authority on colour – releases their much anticipated “Pantone Colour of the Year”, designers will get to work expressing the language of colour with the new trends in tiles, soft furnishings and fixed features.

So, what’s the colour that will see us out for the rest of 2017? Greenery.

Let’s look at what greenery means psychologically and how you can use it in the home with green tiles.

What is the essence of greenery?

Pantone describes greenery as being symbolic of new beginnings. It’s a fresh and zesty yellow-green embodies the first shift in a seasonal change to spring, when nature rejuvenates and breathes new life, arising from its dormant state.

In terms of looks and feel, greenery is a far cry from the pastel greens and turquoise designers have come to love in recent years. Looking outside into nature, one would see greenery in fresh grass, flourishing foliage and as the lush backdrop being in the great outdoors brings.

How can you Inspire Greenery in your home?

The greater the desire to immerse oneself in the physical beauty and intrinsic harmony of the natural world, the more we begin to see that shift reflected in our daily lives through urban planning, architecture, lifestyle and design.

When using greenery in the home, whether through green wall tiles or indoor foliage, you can promote sensations of personal passions and vitality.

Through using our range of green mosaic tiles, such as Bisazza, you can tell a story which breaks conventions of what tile trends should look like. You can express green wall tiles in a few ways:

  • A kitchen splashback
  • An outdoor feature against the natural blue/green hue of natural bluestone
  • A feature wall in your bathroom
  • In a special area of the home such as a personal bar area

Greenery Colour Pairings

Greenery is a versatile, trans-seasonal colour that will invigorate you through spring and keep spirits up during winter. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, greenery lends itself well to many colour combinations. It can be paired with neutrals, vibrant tones, deeper shades, metallic and even pastels. Here are our top three combinations from the Pantone website:

  1. Moody Blooms. Pairing Greenery with colours including Baton Rouge, Scarlet Ibis, Winter Bloom, Red Dahlia, Pink Yarrow, Goji Berry, Mayfly and Sulphur
  2. Calm it Down. Pairing Greenery with colours such as Grey Lilac, Green Lily, Pink Icing, Spa Blue, Luminary Green, Paradise Green and Pure Cashmere
  3. Transitions. Pairing Greenery with the colours Serenity, Rose Quartz (2016 Pantone Colour of the Year), Treetop, Twilight Purple, Orion Blue, Calypso Coral and Nimbus Cloud

To see how our range of green tiles will look in your home or commercial project, browse the Stone & Tile Studio product range to get inspired, get in contact with our dedicated design experts or visit one of our Brisbane stone and tile showrooms.

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