How To Use Our Stone Tiles For Outdoor Spaces

How To Use Our Stone Tiles For Outdoor Spaces

Thinking of renovating or building your dream outdoor living area? Create a stylish, timeless and luxurious outdoor space to enjoy all year round with natural stone tiles from Stone & Tile in Brisbane.

Natural Stone Tiles Brisbane

Stone Tiles Brisbane Pools

Travertine tiles provide the perfect material for pool surrounds in Brisbane. These stone tiles reflect heat on hot days and remain cool to the touch, unlike brick or bluestone. The texture of travertine ensures the tile does not discolour or become chalky after installation, and remains slip resistant for wet feet, which makes it the perfect material to surround pool decks.

Using large stone tiles to surround the entire pool deck, creates the illusion of a bigger area. Using the same stone tiles for the walkway or path leading to the pool from the house or patio will give the area a cohesive and polished look.

Retaining Wall Cladding

Using stone tiles as cladding for retaining walls made of brick produces a stylish and timeless focal point in your outdoor living space. This will appeal to Brisbane homeowners looking for a warm, natural-coloured retaining wall.

Depending on the type of natural stone tile used, you can create either sleek, contemporary walls or rustic and weathered walls. Consider a honed and filled travertine tile for a more contemporary look or a tumbled tile for a more rustic finish.

Perfect Patio

Whether you’re looking to replace an old brick patio with something more stylish, or you’re just looking for new patio pavers, natural stone tiles are the perfect option. Granite tiles are well suited for application in this area, and their natural appearance blends seamlessly with outdoor landscaping.

Not only will granite tiles provide a modern aesthetic to an alfresco dining area, its durability allows it to stand the test of time against the elements.

Stair Treads

Complete the look of your patio or pool deck by using stone tiles to face the fronts of stair treads. Select a shade and finish of stone tile that matches the stones used elsewhere outdoors, for a cohesive finished product. Stone tiles are available in decorative, engraved and stained tiles, which can lend a decorative element to the steps leading to your home or garden.

If you plan on covering the tread of the steps as well, consider using a tile with a more rustic finish, as this will provide a better grip under foot when the stairs are wet.

Stone Tiles as Pavers

Stone tiles come in a variety of thicknesses, sizes and shades. Tiles measuring 1/2 inch or thicker are ideal for use in place of pavers to create outdoor walkways, driveways and patios. Get creative and produce patterns by using one size and colour of stone on a walkway, and a second size, shape or colour on a patio. This will separate the two areas and create visual interest.

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For more ideas and inspiration for using marble tile, browse through our website or speak to the expert team at Stone & Tile in Brisbane today. We’re your expert tile stores in Brisbane.

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