Celebrating the Cooks Kitchen on Culinarians Day

Celebrating the Cooks Kitchen on Culinarians Day

If there’s one thing that’s truly universal, it’s this: Everyone speaks food. Breaking the bread together brings a wealth of benefits. It includes helping us explore new cultures and build stronger relationships when we socialise around food. It’s these moments that help us make friends, find love and end hostility.

We all love to gather around a table filled up with moreish delights. We are reminded of the amazing culinarians who prepared and served the meal. Whether it’s a home-cook creating an experimental masterpiece – often up the kitchen wall tiles or across the kitchen floor tiles – or a baker up at four in the morning preparing bread for the day, or a professional chef creating new and exciting ways to experience food, culinarians are the experts in the art and science of cooking and serving food.

Naturally, we show our appreciation for these people every day (or appreciation for the self if you are the cook in your kitchen), but did you know there’s a special day just for culinarians?

Celebrating Culinarians Day

July 25 is the annual Culinarians Day. It’s the unofficial holiday which celebrates all cooks and chefs who bring good taste and great fare into people’s lives.

How to celebrate Culinarians Day

  • Do you personally know a chef? Send them a thoughtful note or celebrate their favourite thing together: food.
  • If you’re not the resident chef in your house, cook a meal for the one that does. If there’s a reason why you’re not trusted in the kitchen, take them out for a special meal.
  • It’s simple. Thank the chef.

Achieving the ultimate cooks kitchen

For homeowners and professional chefs who love to cook at home, the kitchen is a sacred space. To do their home-cooking, many professional chefs maintain they don’t need fancy appliances or endless counter space. In fact, they value an inviting ambiance and a practical workflow. If you want a kitchen renovation, fit for a cook with all the latest splash backs and kitchen floor tiles, here’s how to do it:

  1. Size doesn’t always matter. An efficient kitchen is designed for the economy of movement so work with what you have by making compromises.
  2. Be smart with your counter space by ensuring it’s a nice space to work on. Many of our culinary customers at Stone & Tile Studio love working on marble tile.
  3. Organisation is key to maintaining a clean, clutter free kitchen. Many chefs, including Monica Pope from the infamous t-afia in Houston attach beautiful metal hanging to her kitchen splashbacks, which she says “give the area a lovely, clean look and the metal touches go well together with the black granite, creating a warm feeling”.
  4. When it comes to kitchen and floor tiles, many chefs prefer functionality, but also want good looks. Kitchen floor tiles like travertine offer the best of both worlds, offering a sophisticated look and durability.

Stone & Tile Studio is a high-end tiling and stone supplier in Brisbane, Queensland. We have a large and exclusive range of kitchen floor and wall tiles to complete your chef’s kitchen renovations. Get in contact with the team at Stone & Tile Studio today, browse our catalogue, or see our exquisite stone and tiles in person at our Zillmere Design Centre.

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