Best Uses for Our Marble Tile Range

Best Uses for Our Marble Tile Range

The colour, pattern and textural variation of our marble tiles are some of the most appealing tile characteristics, and the primary reasons why marble’s experiencing a resurgence in home decor use. From walls to floors and everything in between, marble is back in a big way, blending harmoniously into modern interiors. Explore the best uses of our marble tiles range at Stone & Tile Studio — especially the latest trends sweeping luxury development projects and properties across Brisbane.


A marble backsplash provides a show-stopping feature in any kitchen, no matter what material your countertops are. Get creative and use marble in an interesting and eye-catching pattern for this kitchen area, such as a chevron pattern.

Kitchen Countertops and Islands

Marble tile makes a chic and highly functional countertop in any style of kitchen. The thicker the marble countertop, the more sophisticated and luxurious it makes even the simplest of spaces appear. A kitchen island topped with this tile is another sophisticated element in any kitchen. Even the most dull or industrial-looking kitchen space will instantly appear elegant when marble is at waist level.


A marble tile bathroom is a truly decadent feature to enhance your home. Luminous marble tile surrounding the bathtub combined with stunning glass tile on the wall instantly adds elegance to the space. The classic grey veins of the marble tile will add a touch of flair, often lacking in bathrooms tiled in plain white.

Indoor Flooring

Natural stone indoor flooring is not only extremely stylish, but also very practical and is a resistant, low maintenance alternative to hardwood floors and parquet. Keep in mind that when used as flooring, marble tiles should be kept in areas with low to moderate traffic. This is to keep them at their optimum appearance.

Living Room Accent Wall

While kitchens and bathrooms often receive the marble treatment, marble tile can also be incorporated into the living room. It can spice up the decor. It adds an elegant touch, forming delightful contrasts to leather furniture and wooden wall panelling. A professional marble tile decor in this area of the home will command attention with its incomparable natural beauty.

Marble Tiles Brisbane Outdoors 

While they are mostly used as indoor tiles, marble tile can also be used outside in moderate to low-traffic areas that are shielded from rain and freezing cold weather — ideal in Brisbane! You’ll find that marble stones that work well outdoors typically have a slightly textured surface, different to what you’d use on a kitchen countertop. Use this tile in your outdoors space to create an outdoor feature wall for a fountain, or as a luxurious flooring material. Remember, using a bigger tile in your outdoor living space will make the area appear more spacious.

Looking for Natural Stone Flooring in Brisbane? 

Marble tile decor refines the interior and gives your home a classic feel. Building or renovating your Brisbane home or property? For more ideas and inspiration for using marble tile, browse through our website or speak to the expert team at Stone & Tile Studio in Brisbane today. We’re the experts in natural stone flooring in  the Brisbane region.

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