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Advantages of Hand Made Tiles for Brisbane Homes

Whilst it may be tempting to choose products from the many stores offering mass-produced marble or mosaic tiles Brisbane wide, there’s another type of tile that is often overlooked: handmade tiles. Each tile is made by hand, whether it’s destined for a translucent wall glaze finish, or intended for use as an earthy floor treatment. Whatever application you’re seeking tiles for, there are many advantages that come with choosing handmade tiles for Brisbane homes. Here’s just a few!

Why Choose Hand Made Tiles? 

Colour Choices 

Tiles that are mass produced in a factory or other setting tend to be made using earthenware, porcelain, or terracotta clay. Each are fired to a different temperature; for example, terracotta is fired to the lowest temperature, and porcelain the highest. With handmade tiles, there aren’t the same restrictions with firing, which means you can use many more clay types and fire them over a range of different temperatures.

As a result of this flexibility, an enormous spectrum of fabulous colours becomes available to you — not just the standard shades you see on the shelves.

Personal Touch 

Another of the incredibly special benefits of handmade tiles is that often, you can contact the tile maker directly and take full advantage of the personal touch and custom approach that comes standard with the type of service they offer.

Whether it’s a specific shape, colour or texture you have in mind, they can create something that’s perfect just for you. If you have a specific requirement for your tiles, they are usually more than happy to work with you to help you bring your unique vision to life.


A handmade tile will undoubtedly be more durable than a factory made tile. This is because handmade tiles tend to be thicker, meaning it takes much more force to break one. When it comes to ceramic tiles, this peace of mind is especially important, knowing there is less chance of having to replace broken tiles in the near future.


One of the major design benefits of handmade tiles is their ability to suit a specific space far better that any “off the shelf” or mass produced product can. An area of handmade tiles can help soften a space, or add a certain warmth by making it feel rustic, or stylishly aged. If you have a particular cultural influence in mind for your decor, handmade tiles can transport you to the foreign shores of Morocco, Italy, Spain or Portugal and provide an individual and authentic look. 

Find Mosaic Tiles in Brisbane 

With luxury handmade tiles from Stone & Tile Studio, you can enhance the whole experience of your living space. By combining the elements of a handmade finish, with the creativity they inspire, any building or renovation project can become something to delight, intrigue and enjoy.

Explore the handmade tiles on our site or contact Stone & Tile in Brisbane today for more advice and inspiration for your Brisbane home or apartment.

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