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A guide to different granite tiles finishes

Granite tile slabs have been the kitchen countertop of choice for the last 15 years due to its durability, stain resistance and elegant statement.

Its sheen is the first thing you think of when you imagine granite in the home, but did you know a variety of finishes are available, including flamed and honed?

An important thing to keep in mind when selecting a finish for your granite, is that the appearance of the natural stone can transform during the process.

To help you select the ideal finish for your granite application, here’s an overview of the most popular granite finishes available.

Polished granite

river white granite

river white granite

Undoubtedly the most common in kitchen settings is polished granite. It’s achieved by grinding with finer polishing mediums to seal the pores on the stones surface, making it water and moisture-resistant. This finish has a glossy sheen reflects light to highlight the nuances of the crystal structure in the natural stone. The glossy appearance is rich in colour and exudes elegance in any space, making it a great choice for a focal point in the home. As this is a relatively hard stone to polish in the first place, the glossy quality will retain its shine for long time.

Honed granite

Honed Black Granite

Honed Black Granite

For a striking satin finish, opt for a honed look. Honed granite gives the impression of a buffed or matte surface, which can come with a semi-polished finish if desired. Honed granite works well as a contemporary kitchen countertop or as flooring, with its natural strength and slip-resistant properties lending well to high foot traffic areas.

Flamed granite


Black Flamed Granite

Flamed granite resembles a naturally weathered stone look, which is achieved by exfoliating the top layers of grain by heating it under 1100-degree Celsius flames. The high temperatures allow the particles of the stone to burst and modify colour, creating a rough appearance. This type of finish is suitable for areas that are prone to moisture, such as outdoor living areas or around the swimming pool.

The timeless beauty and durability of granite makes it a great choice for the home, the office and any architectural project. To see our granite tiles, visit us at the Stone & Tile Studio Brisbane tile showroom.

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